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How can I work out the best type of reading to buy?

You should ask yourself what you want to achieve by having a reading done for you. If you want to know what life has in store for you then perhaps one of the General Life readings will help. If you have encountered a group of obstacles or hurdles within your pathway then maybe a Full Consultation reading will be appropriate. A Crisis Management reading might be just the prod you need to look at an old problem from a fresh perspective. If you would like Edward to focus on specific work or personal relationship problems, issues or concerns then it is advisable to order either the respective Business/Career/Work reading or the Personal Relationship(s) reading.

What do you need to know about me to do a reading for me?

Edward needs to know your name and your email address. Everything else is voluntary. However it does help Edward to know what you do for a job or if you are retired or unemployed. The reason for this is that most of us are occupied for at least a third of the day with a job of some sort. When Edward focuses on you he will invariably see your daily occupation and which could be misinterpreted for something else if it is not obvious to Edward.

How can you know anything about my past, present and future when we’ve never met?

No one really knows how it is possible for someone like Edward or any other medium or clairvoyant to know anything about you. When Edward is in contact with the Spirit World, on your behalf, he relies on his spirit guides to channel information that you are allowed to know at a given point in time. Sometimes the Spirit World will show visions which have to be interpreted by Edward for you. Similarly, symbols may present themselves and often these have a profound meaning. Whatever is given and received by Edward for you, Edward will explain it.

How can these invisible supernatural systems work?

Again nobody really knows for sure although there are many research institutes around the World tasked with unravelling these mysteries. Also, many authors from many different cultures and religious beliefs have written excellent books on the subject but none with any conclusive evidence. Edward too has his own theories.

How does Edward do a reading?

Once Edward starts a reading for you it takes little time to tune in to the Spirit World. The information that you are allowed to receive is captured by Edward and memorised. Some of the information comes as pictorial visions. Edward takes note of the important facets and will be inspired to interpret them. As soon as Edward feels he has the right knowledge for you he will type it out. At the same time he will be gathering more information and perhaps some messages too which will be incorporated into the reading. Before e-mailing your reading to you, Edward will check its content for readability, spelling mistakes and typing errors.

How do the Spirit World communicate with Edward?

This is quite difficult to describe in typed words but here is one way of understanding a little of what goes on. Over the years Edward has used many different types of divinatory systems (see About) to predict future events using himself as the guinea pig. Some of the divinatory systems were used more than others as they were preferable to Edward. Over time Edward memorised the tools of these divinatory systems plus their meanings. Also Edward invented his own mental tools and what type of scenario should trigger any one of them. All these mind components come to the fore when Edward wishes to communicate with the Spirit World and vice versa. Most of these tools are seen, by Edward, as though there is a miniature television suspended on his nose. The meaning of the vision is channeled to Edward at the same time.

Do all mediums communicate with the Spirit World in the same way as Edward?

No they do not. Edward knows many mediums and clairvoyants and each one tends to have a different gift. Some mediums will see your relatives who have passed over to the spirit world and they will channel messages back and forth. This helps to prove that there is life after death. These mediums may even be able to tell you the names of the deceased. Edward does not seek for this type of information although on occasions he does receive it. He prefers to find solutions to your concerns and problems by helping you to tweak your pathway for a better way of life. It seems that whatever we do down here on the Earth plane makes a big difference to what we do up there in the heavens.

What does Edward “see” when he does a reading for me?

Edward will see many different types of visions. Some are presented as landscape images because Edward uses that type of imagery to interpret life pathway readings. Other images are more specific. As Edward does not know you personally, these images are presented in a symbolic way to help Edward to interpret them accurately. Edward might also see scenes relevant to you or your family from a long way back or indeed in the future.

What happens if I can’t identify anything in my reading as being relevant to me?

This rarely happens with one of Edward’s readings but if it does and honestly you cannot identify anything at all then email Edward outlining your thoughts and Edward will get back to you. Sometimes readings may highlight a direction that you don’t want to tread along and there might be some resistance to accept what is being foretold for you.

How long do the readings take Edward to do?

The quickest reading will probably be the One Question reading whereas the longest types might be the General Life - in depth reading and the Full Consultation reading. The Crisis Management reading will be the longest of all. Whatever type of reading you select, the minimum amount of time spent from start to delivery is just over one hour for either a One Question reading running up to several hours for something more involved such as a business reading.

What page content length can I expect to receive from Edward?

This is hard to estimate because it depends on what Edward receives on your behalf and how easy or difficult it is to explain it all to you by email. From a business view point Edward hopes that a one question reading (and follow-on questions) will be about one half page of A4 paper, a two question will be about a page of A4 and a three question reading will be about one and a half pages of A4. Similarly a General Life Summary reading will be between three and four pages of A4 whereas its more detailed counterpart will be probably twice that length. The other readings will undoubtedly run into several pages in length.

Does it matter what my religious beliefs are to receive a reading from Edward?

It does not matter to Edward but it might matter to your religion. Edward believes all religions are as valid as each other. All types probably lead to the same God or supreme intelligence. The religious pathway we choose to take is up to an adult’s individual choice. How you choose to interface is up to you.

Why is it difficult to predict when “things” will happen?

Time is a man-made measurement and most of us have been conditioned to allow our lives to be ruled by clocks and calendars. Predicting when things will happen is complex unless the information is channeled directly from Spirit. Edward is quite accurate at predicting when things might happen.

What are the popular choices for readings?

Popular choices of spiritual psychic medium readings by email are the General Life readings in either the in-depth or summary choice. Also the Business/Career/Work reading is in demand as well as the Personal Relationship reading. The option to ask just one, two or three questions on any subject matter is often taken up too. All reading types are requested though.

What are the benefits of a Spiritual Psychic Medium Reading by email from Edward?

A Spiritual Psychic Medium Reading can certainly help to evaluate whether you are heading in the right direction for YOU with YOUR business, career, work, personal relationship or indeed anything else. Edward McNaught-Davis’ readings are unique and are very detailed and can be used as a decision support methodology to help YOU to achieve your goals by invoking change for yourself. Wherever you are in the World, there is absolutely no need for you to meet Edward in person as the necessary linkage is provided by the Spirit World. Try it! It works! Edward has many clients from all over the World and some have attested to Edward’s remarkable accuracy by providing written feedback.

In comparison to audio tape, CD or telephone readings, a Spiritual Psychic Medium Reading by email has the advantage of allowing you to find specific information written for you, quickly and easily.

What you should expect in a Spiritual Psychic Medium reading from Check Your Spiritual Pathway.

Edward McNaught-Davis (owner and sole operator of this site) uses a special mix of  professional Spiritual Medium, Clairsentient, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Claircognizant and Psychic skills, experience and knowledge to obtain answers on your behalf. Also, Edward tends to write as though you are in the same room as him as it will be easier for you to understand all the information he gets for you.

Some of the information that Edward will get for you will be channeled from the Spirit World as either words and/or as symbolic visions, the latter of which Edward will record and interpret for you. Quite often these are written in an allegorical fashion. For channeled words Edward writes them down as he receives them.

On receipt of your reading it is generally best to read it through a few times and also to read “between the lines” as the metaphors given may mean something that only you would know.

The actual reading is delivered straight to your email inbox as a .pdf attachment. It may be printed onto A4 size paper. Depending on the reading type chosen, the number of pages written with pertinent and concise information relevant to you, might reach many.

Generally, Edward spends many hours on obtaining the information relevant to your reading and then all this information is professionally written, spell checked and checked again for any grammatical errors. This is all done before sending your reading over to you.

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