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Dowsing with rods and a pendulum by Edward McNaught-Davis

Dowsing - with rods and a pendulum.

Historians believe that dowsing dates back to at least 6000 BC as supported by a cave painting found in the Sahara Desert, which shows a picture of a man holding a forked stick, just like a modern water diviner would do.

Water isn’t the only product that dowsers search for though. The technique can be used to locate anything hidden from sight whether under the earth or hidden away elsewhere.

Oil companies use dowsers to search for likely oil fields and some armies will use them to search for mines and other explosives. Some traditionalists will use pliable forked twigs as their dowsing rod and typically the best varieties come from Hazel, Beech, Apple, Privet, Birch and Willow trees.

The forked twig should look like a “Y” and you should hold each smaller prong in each hand with the longer stem pointing outwards and parallel to the ground.

You can fashion a cheap wire coat hanger into a dowsing rod too by cutting off the hook just below the twisted wire beneath it or you can buy ready made dowsing rods.  fashioned into an “L” shape.

Similarly, you can make your own pendulum with a length of string (about six inches long) and tie a weighted object to one end such as a key or a ring.

Although dowsing is traditionally performed to find lost objects, treasure, minerals, etc., it can be used to predict future events with extreme accuracy or it can be used to answer questions where the response is normally given off by a “yes”, “no” or “maybe” answer.

From experience, I have found that the rods are better when applied to search for lost objects and energy field locations whereas the pendulum is better suited for prediction and answering specific questions.

Dowsing works best if you are totally relaxed and you do not have any pre-determined idea on any outcome as there tends to be a fine line between influencing the rod or pendulum consciously or subconsciously. It is the latter subconscious condition that is required.

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