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ESP and Psychokinesis by Edward McNaught-Davis

Psychic - The true meaning.

The term “Psychic” is generally and incorrectly used as a label for all meanings to do with divination.

Divination is a complex subject in its own right. It involves various techniques used to foretell the future and for finding lost people and objects with the help of  spirit beings and the collective conscious.

The true meaning of Psychic is the use of ESP or Psychokinesis.

Extrasensory Perception (or “ESP”) equates to the ability of being able to receive and transmit information through mental means. ESP is part of the Psi phenomena.

There are four main categories that make up ESP. These are Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Precognition or Retrocognition.

Telepathy is a thought process involving mind-to-mind communication and it is inter-dimensional.

Clairvoyance literally means, “Clear Seeing” and involves the seeing and analysis/interpretation of waking visions using the mental ESP tool set. Waking visions are visions received by the clairvoyant while awake and not asleep.

Precognition concerns the knowledge of events lying in the future and waiting to happen.

Retrocognition involves knowledge of past events without physical access to information about those events.

Psychokinesis involves using the mind alone and without any integrated physical force, to overcome the control and movement of matter, people and events. Successful practitioners are able to use their mind to control the state of their chosen subject. Psychokinesis is sometimes simply referred as mind-over-matter or telekinesis.

Telekinesis should really be attributed more to the paranormal ability of moving objects by a thought process alone. It isn’t really used to influence people or future events. More often than not it is used  for materialisations and levitation as well as object movement.

The term “Psychic Art” is really a form of physical mediumship. The medium's hand is controlled by spirit. The medium needs no artistic skills although it does help to have them.

The Psi Phenomena is another umbrella term used predominately by parapsychologists to mean the use of ESP and Psychokinesis or just simply, Psychic phenomena.

If you are interested in reading more about the meanings of words used by professional psychics and mediums then please see my Metaphysical Emporium of Knowledge on my web site.

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