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The  differences between Psychic Art and Inspired Art by Edward McNaught-Davis

Psychic Art is a form of Physical Mediumship too. The medium's hand is controlled by spirit. The medium needs no artistic skills although it does help to have them.

Psychic art is an artistic work that is produced with or without the conscious knowledge of the individual producing the artwork and involves a spiritual energy influence.

Inspired Art is a surpassing brilliance or excellence suggesting divine inspiration.

Figure 1. on the right is a psychic drawing I produced under controlled conditions at the Psychic Research Centre in South Wales.

At the time I was blindfolded and was sitting in a darkened room with a drawing board and A4 paper on my lap.. I was not aware of what I was drawing and in fact I thought I was just scribbling.

The resultant drawing seems to be a landscape but I don’t know where it is located. The entity or intelligence drawing through me may or may not have been an artist in their own right. The vertical crease marks on the paper were caused by me folding it to place in my inner jacket pocket.

Sometimes an inspirational painting can include a psychic art influence as seen in my painting entitled “The Bluebell Fairy”. (see Figure 2. on the right). In the middle of this painting a dancing fairy appeared without me putting it there consciously. See Figure 3. for  a better view of the said dancing fairy.

I sold the original painting to a private buyer in Scotland but prints of the same are available here.

Other inspirational art paintings that I have done are available affordably as inspired cards.


©Edward McNaught-Davis 2002. All Rights Reserved.
Figure 1.
Figure 2.
Figure 3.
©Edward McNaught-Davis 2002. All Rights Reserved.
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“Returning from the 4th Dimension”

I painted this “trompe d’oliel” (trick of the eye) painting solely for me! The picture frame is actually painted onto the canvas which facilitates the illusion. I was inspired to paint it after seeing the original work painted by the Spanish 19th Century painter, Pere Borrell del Caso. His work was painted in Oils whereas mine is painted in Acrylic.

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"Hi Edward

Huge thanks for your reading........your accuracy is likely quite rare in your field of work, I should imagine, and many more people could benefit........."

Stuart G. of Kent, England. 11 August 2006.

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