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The  different types of Spiritual Mediumship by Edward McNaught-Davis

A Spiritual Medium is a person who has the ability to communicate via a two way link and work with the Spiritual World. Mediums are sometimes known as “Sensitives” too although this term is thought a little old fashioned now.

Essentially, there are three types of Spiritual Mediums; Mental Mediums, Trance Mediums and Physical Mediums.

Some Spiritual Mediums will practice one or two types of mediumship but Edward practices all three because he finds them all so interesting.

Sometimes it may be necessary to drop into a light trance while utilising mental medium skills. This is a near form of self hypnosis enabling the medium to allows the mind to roam freely to explore other realms or dimensions and to perhaps communicate with other entities.

To do Spiritual Medium readings for others Edward uses a form of Channeling. This is a mind process involving a state of altered consciousness used to effect a two way communication with spirits.

In addition, Edward will use clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience and psychic skills to receive information to support a reading. (Clairvoyance literally means, "Clear Seeing" and involves the seeing and analysis/interpretation of waking visions using my Extra Sensory Perceptions which are better known as ESP.

Clairsentience literally means, "Clear Sensing" and involves the psychic perception of the senses such as touch, taste, smell and emotions; it is often coupled with Clairvoyance and Clairaudience. Clairaudience literally means "Clear Hearing" and denotes the faculty of supernormal hearing from other dimensional sources or from our own plane but over vast distances such as thousands of miles.

The term Psychic is generally and incorrectly used as a label for all meanings to do with divination. Its true meaning is the use of ESP or Psychokinesis).

Trance Mediumship is normally practiced with other mediums in attendance during a Séance. When in deep trance the participating medium will allow another entity to enter and take over a certain percentage of control of the medium’s body and mental faculties. It sounds a simple exercise but it is not and nor should it be as it can be quite dangerous.

Edward will never allow another entity more than 49% of control and his normal parameter is about 35%.  will only allow positive entities too. Professional training is absolutely necessary and this must include how to determine whether an entity is from the “light” (positive) or from the “dark” (negative) side.

The purpose of allowing other spirits or entities to enter your physical domain is so that they can use your voice box to communicate with others as though they were still alive on the Earth plane. There are many reasons for these sorts of demonstrations but the main one is to prove that there is a form of existence after death. Quite often the participating medium’s voice box will be manipulated physically to suit the voice and language of the spirit.

Physical Mediums produce physical phenomena such as the movement of objects or they can cause unexplainable noise. Some physical mediums can also produce ectoplasm; a substance believed to be from the Spirit World in which some spirits, but not all, use it to form images of themselves or objects

Psychic Art is a form of Physical Mediumship too. The medium's hand is controlled by spirit. The medium needs no artistic skills although it does help to have them.

Transfiguration is another form of Physical Mediumship. A physical medium may transfigure his/her facial features involuntarily. The transfiguration is achieved by the build-up of ectoplasm and shadows over the medium’s face. A Spirit might mould his/her own features over the medium's face for recognition.

Some Spiritual Mediums are Healers but not all healers are mediums. Some people are able to redirect trapped energies to cure others. Reiki is a form of this. Healing mediums call on spirits to help channel the required energy to effect a cure. Psychics and clairvoyants can also help heal others with accurate and positive fore-telling. This can help to heal the enquirers mind or to alleviate stress.

Some healers will specialise in helping to heal animals irrespective of whether they are domestic or on a farm or from the wild. Most animals will also know that they are being helped too. Similarly, animals seem to know whether a person has healing qualities as well and as a result will be much more relaxed in that person’s company.

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