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Psychometry - what does it mean? by Edward McNaught-Davis

The term “Psychometry” is believed to have been first used and promoted by the mid-nineteenth century American psychologist, Joseph R. Buchanan. The term is used to describe hidden “vibrations” contained in physical objects.

These vibrations can be read by mediums and psychics to tell a particular history about each object and the things and people associated with them.

Typical objects include personal items such as rings, watches, cigarette lighters, pens etc., whereas non personal objects such as public seating can also be read regarding the last few people (and animals) to have sat in a particular seat, for example.

It is as though people and animals are leaving a snapshot imprint about themselves which is then captured by the object for a period of time. Generally, the personal snapshot is fuelled by a high emotional state which could be a happy one or an unhappy one. The latter seems to be more common than the former.

The delivery of information for any object or thing being read depends upon the speciality of the medium or psychic. Some will receive apt visions through clairvoyance whereas others may receive knowledge through worded thought and vision. Information may be channeled from the Spirit World too.

The practice of Psychometry sounds fun to do and often it is but like with all things, there needs to be a balance. On occasions the “sensitive” person reading an object may “see” or “pick up” derogatory information regarding a previous event that has been entombed within the object.  As an example, research has shown that visions supporting how a previous owner of the object being read, had died whether through natural causes or through an exterior influence such as an unlawful killing. Often in these cases, the psychic will feel the physical symptoms that caused death which is often an unpleasant sensation. Although rare, the medium or psychic may be influenced greatly by these unpleasant sensations and he/she may need to be rescued by another psychic or medium trained in such “rescue” techniques.

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