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Runes - What are they? by Edward McNaught-Davis

The “Runes” were an ancient Norse and Germanic Alphabet which was based on magic symbols. The runes were used to predict future events, to heal, to control the weather and for many other purposes and mostly to do with invoking change.

The original Runic System in about the 1st Century AD comprised a series of small wooden tablets (the Norse Rune Masters would have used wood from a fruit tree), blank on one side and inscribed with a Runic symbol on the other.  The inscriptions were burnt into the wood.

In later centuries pebbles were used as the Rune base as well as bronze, copper and gold disks. Later on the Runic symbols were etched into sword blades in an attempt to make its user more of a warrior. Similarly, they were also inscribed on amulets and pieces of jewellery to support love predictions or to attract  prosperity, love and happiness.

The Rune system of prediction was at its height during the Dark Ages and many different variations were used throughout Europe, Britain and Russia. The Vikings were responsible for its introduction.

The Britannic version comprised 24 symbols divided into three groups of eight. Each group was named after the Norse deities; Freya, Hagal and Tiu.

Some specialist New Age shops will most likely sell you a Rune set (and probably made out of plastic too) but you could easily make your own with card, interesting pieces of wood or small pebbles, for example. A search on your faourite search engine will most probably help you to find instructions for using Runes as well as the symbols to inscribe on your chosen material. Similarly, the larger bookshops may have books about Runes as well as how to make and use them.

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