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Scrying with a Crystal Ball by Edward McNaught-Davis

Scrying” is a traditional method of divination using a crystal ball, glass ball, shiny stone, mirror, bowl or glass of water or other reflective object or surface. The scryer will focus on the chosen reflective surface until clairvoyant visions appear in order to answer questions or to solve problems or crimes or to locate lost objects or indeed people.

The chosen reflective surface tool of scryers is known as a speculum. The crystal ball is often associated with Gypsy Fortune Tellers as their preferred speculum. It is generally understood that the best crystal balls are four inches (or about 10 centimetres) in diameter and are fashioned from either Beryl or Quartz crystal.

These are extremely expensive to buy and many will cost hundreds of pounds. An alternative is to use a glass sphere specially made for the same purpose as these are somewhat cheaper to produce and purchase and the results are virtually identical.

When choosing a crystal or glass ball, it is best to ensure that it is free of any bubbles, blemishes or other markings to prevent any distractions. Care of your crystal or glass ball is considered to be of paramount importance too. When not in use they should be wrapped up in a soft velvet cloth or bag.

Equally as important is to disallow anyone from touching or handling your chosen speculum. Using a crystal or glass ball or any other type of speculum is not at all easy. It is thought that only 1 in 20 of interested people will have much success with this method of divination.

Similarly, it can take several days or even weeks to train your eyes and mind to project clairvoyant images onto a speculum’s surface. Personally, I don’t see the need to use a speculum as I see clairvoyant images in my mind’s eye or they are seemingly projected just a few inches beyond my face with the outmost clarity. It is rather like having a miniature TV on the end of my nose!

If you would like to attempt Scrying for yourself without any cost, then I suggest you use a clear tumbler glass of water. This should be placed on a dark or preferably a Navy Blue surface such as a card, cloth or mat sitting on a level table or shelf and at arm’s length from you.

The room lighting should be dim and if possible it is best to do it in a natural North facing light. Once you’re ready, you should sit down and gaze at the glass of water for up to 20 minutes at a time. You will need to concentrate solely on the glass of water which will now have taken on a dark appearance; due to the dark card or mat it is placed upon.

Initially, you may not see anything other than the glass of water!

But if you persevere by focusing solely on the glass, you may start to see mystical clouds appearing and swirling within the confines of the glass. Typically, this happens after a few minutes of undisturbed concentration. These clouds will disperse after a minute or so to reveal a clairvoyant image.

Sometimes these visions will be static like a photograph and sometimes they will appear like a video film and all are usually in colour. The meaning behind the images may be channeled to you by telepathic means or you might be inspired to interpret them yourself with just a basic clue given.

During your early sessions of learning to scry you will undoubtedly find it very tiring and therefore it is best to limit yourself to a maximum of 20 minutes for each session and to only commit to one session per day.

After each session you will need to allow time for your eyes to readjust to their normal every day focal point. If your eyes hurt at any time then it is best to stop to save further eye strain.

You may conclude that this form of divination is not for you. The are many other types of divination to choose  and from which you may be better suited.

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