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Spirit Materialisations article by Edward McNaught-Davis

Have you ever been to a professionally controlled séance? Despite the taboo surrounding such paranormal practices they are used to communicate with "the dead" and who should really be known as those on the "other side of life".

In addition, a séance is held typically to learn from positive Spirits about life on the "other side" and to witness physical phenomenon such as the movement of inanimate objects and to experience spirit materialisations.

If you are invited to experience a séance then it is extremely important for your own well being to ensure that there are at least two but preferably three or more professionally trained Spiritual Mediums in attendance.

One medium will act as the overall séance manager to ensure integrity is maintained at all times and he or she may double up as a rescue medium should anyone run into mental and/or physical difficulties.

The other Spiritual mediums will most likely slip into a mental trance with the purpose of allowing themselves to be taken over by a known-to-them spirit entity. The spirit entity will "borrow" the medium's body and especially his or her voice box to communicate to the other sitters in the séance.

A wise Spiritual medium will only relinquish up to a maximum of 49 percent of his/her being to another spirit entity. For a medium to lose control of their own mental and physical faculties can have disastrous consequences.

The chairing medium will usually check out novices through clairvoyance or clairsentience to ascertain the motive for that person wishing to be included within a séance. If a negative or disruptive motive is sensed then that person will be asked politely to leave before any séance commences.

To appreciate a séance fully, it certainly helps to hold them in a darkened room as this facilitates seeing light energies materialising typically as either a human or animal form although other forms have been witnessed such as the tangible production of real flowers and trinkets from past eras.

Photographing or videoing events that might take place in a séance are generally not permitted unless the Spirit World has granted permission beforehand. Failing to comply may cause photographic equipment to malfunction or burn out completely.

Fortunately, I am a professional Fine Artist as well as a professionally trained Spiritual Medium and Clairvoyant. I am able to illustrate a couple of events by including two of my paintings which are near faithful reproductions of what I saw during one particular séance at a Welsh Spiritual Development and Research Centre near Swansea.

The first painting (see fig .1) is of a Spirit form in the early stages of full body materialisation. A strange blue-green electric light surrounded the whole of his/her being. Not all spirits materialise in this way. On this occasion,  I saw this Spirit at the back of the séance room. The stage that you can see him/her, in my painting, was effectively as far as he/she got because he/she soon disappeared.

The second painting (see fig. 2) is that of one of my Red Indian Spirit Guides who manifested quite clearly as a light being. This means that unlike some ghosts he was not solid to touch.

His face as shown seemed to be suspended about five feet six inches up from the floor. As I did not see the rest of his body, I assume that he did not want to waste any more of his energy unnecessarily. Opposite this glowing face was another spirit but his materialisation was much weaker and I realised that he was sharing his energy to help the spirit whose face I have painted.

The light radiating from my spirit guide's face was so fantastic that I was completely awe struck for what seemed like an eternity. It had a certain white and golden hue to it mixed with an intensity that is so difficult to describe and to capture with the limitations of acrylic paint. His eyes seemed to swivel just a little too and I could certainly see his facial concentration of keeping his materialisation in check.

Although the whole facial materialisation was construed from what appeared to be an element of light I could not see through his face. It seemed to be denser than a man made hologram is the best way of describing it.

As his face appeared to me in profile I suspect that it was not a complete 3D ball of light and I also suspect that if anyone else saw him from another angle then they may not have seen anything other than perhaps a shaft of suspended light. He was there solely for me to see him. After all, he is one of my Spirit guides.

If you study my painting of the Red Indian Spirit, you may notice heavy shading along his jaw that could be misconstrued as facial hair. From what I could see this was not a beard but part of the materialisation process where the dark was being transposed into light. A good analogy would be viewing a television trying to make sense of a weak digital signal and failing to display all pixels appropriately.

I am not sure how long the materialisation lasted with the séance as time seemed to stand still but at a guess I would say that it all happened in under a couple of minutes.

The whole séance itself lasted about one hour.

seance,materialising spirit,spiritual medium,image
Fig. 2. - Red Indian Spirit Guide
seance,materialising spirit,spiritual medium,image
Fig.1. - Materialising Sprit

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