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From Darkness to Light.......from Pain to Gain

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Check Your Spiritual Pathway : Knowledge

Learn about the Metaphysical Knowledge contained within this site

Definitions of Metaphysics

Metaphysics, as a word, suggests a complex subject and so the study of the same is often overlooked or abandoned altogether when it need not be. If you look at the ancient Greek word “Metaphysics” you could or, perhaps should, deduce that it comprises two words within their own rights. These being “Meta” and “Physics”.

The word “Meta” in respect of Meta-physics, means “above” or “after” or “beyond”. The word “Physics” means the “Physical” so the whole word of Metaphysical can be translated to mean “Beyond the Physical” or indeed “Beyond the Law of Physics”. This in turn equates to anything that is perceived to exist but cannot be readily seen or experienced by any of our other basic human senses except for superior elements of our sixth sense.


A meta-physicist is a person engaged in the exploration of reality. Most will use any resultant knowledge to help the human race either on an individual basis or collectively. However, there are some metaphysical practitioners who will misuse secret findings to their own evil definitions by energy manipulation. Some forms of black magic and black witchcraft work on these secret principles.

Fortunately, most practitioners prefer to stay on the path of researching the truth that makes up reality and this includes the purpose and real meaning of life. Typical exploratory interfaces include but are not limited to, spirituality, spiritual mediumship, ESP, mysticism, astrology, philosophy, religion, parapsychology, OOBE’s, astral viewing, meditation, hypnosis, Jungian psychology, Tai Chi, Yoga, Reiki, spiritual healing, holistic healing, crystal healing, etc.,

Metaphysical Studies

The study of metaphysics is vast and is continually growing as new notions and findings come to the fore that necessitate further exploration. In order to make metaphysical studies easier to contemplate, areas of knowledge have been categorised into various themes such as cosmology, ontology, speculative philosophy and Spiritual Metaphysics to name but a few of its many and ever increasing sub divisions.

Although Science tries to prove or disprove things of a metaphysical nature through tried and tested models contained within Quantum Theory and Quantum Physics, the real keys to furthering our knowledge and perhaps personal fulfilment is through keeping an open mind and believing or accepting all possibilities as valid.

Spiritual Metaphysical Expressions

Metaphysical expressions used on this site relate principally to the Supernatural, Paranormal, Esoteric and Spiritual beliefs. This sphere of metaphysics is known as Spiritual Metaphysics.  Included within these subjects are the necessary mental, physical and trance tools to aid exploration into the unknown and ultimately to share with others and to help them too. Helping others via this site is generally performed through Spiritual Psychic Mediumship in the form of psychic readings or spiritual healing.

Metaphysical Knowledge

Metaphysical Knowledge to enlighten you is contained on nearly every page of this extensive site. In order to facilitate your understanding of some of the metaphysical terms used, a growing metaphysical glossary exists; relevant words are listed in alphabetical order together with their meanings. Many of these words are cross referenced or anchored to other words and phrases throughout the whole site. In a way, this metaphysical emporium glossary acts as a dictionary or a repository of meanings.

Spiritual Questions Answered have been replaced by Spiritual Questions Answered. This contains additional information about all the services offered on this site as well as spiritual, esoteric and philosophical answers. Some key words are cross referenced to the metaphysical emporium glossy to help to increase your knowledge further.