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Different types of mediums by Edward McNaught-Davis

A “Medium” is a person who communicates, via a two way ethereal link, with those who are termed to be “dead” or who are residing within the spirit realms. This communication is performed while the medium is in either a conscious state or an unconscious one. Performances may include telepathic transfers of information, paranormal feats in the form of physical phenomena and channeling healing energies.

Mediumship comes in many forms and exists throughout the World in many different religious beliefs. Mediums have been known by many different names too such as Wizards, Oracles, Soothsayers, Mystics, Prophets, Shamans and Channellers.

The majority of mediums, if not all, will be psychic but those who class themselves as psychic may not have mediumistic skills.

The word psychic is often incorrectly used. It is an umbrella term used to describe many other mental tools such as ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) and Psychokinesis (using the mind to control the state of matter through materialisations, levitation and movement).

Some scholars will argue that there are only two categories of mediumship whereas others will say that there are three but I prefer to think that there are four! I prefer to class my four spiritual mediumship categories as Mental, Trance, Physical and Healing. Forms of healing exist in all my separate categories but hands-on or near hands-on healing has a different boundary in my view and the same is true for remote spiritual healing.

Others’ viewpoints state that trance work is a form of mental mediumship and it is true to say that it is but all the same I still believe it warrants its own parameter because the techniques employed are somewhat different to those attributed to normal mental mediumship.

A mental medium communicates with spirits by using a form of telepathy that might allow the medium to see, feel, hear, smell and taste energies which are delivered to the medium by a typical combination of visual and sensory messages. The delivery of such messages is achieved usually with the help of a spirit guide. Mental mediumship is often employed when doing a reading for a specific person, the latter of whom is known as a “Sitter”. When I’m doing readings for my clients I will use a combination of mental mediumship, clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, claircognisance and other psychic methods.

The purpose of trance mediumship is to allow a spirit to take over the mediums body and their controlling faculties in part or in whole. The latter is known as full trance. Wise mediums will only practice this state when there is at least one other medium with them. Difficulties can occur and thus the second medium will act as a rescue medium. In full trance most mediums become unconscious and are therefore oblivious to all happenings during the session. Their physical and mental processes are completely controlled by the mental medium’s chosen spirit. The rescue medium or perhaps another medium will assist by writing down or recording the spirit’s dialogue.  

Physical mediumship concerns the manipulation of energies and energy systems by spirits in conjunction with a medium.

A physical medium provides a power source for the working spirit(s) to demonstrate how they can manipulate energy in a resultant form that is readily understood. These manipulated energies may include the manifestation of loud noises or as voices. Also, objects may materialise out of thin air and fly around the room at speed or seemingly in slow motion. Materialised objects are generally known as “apports”. Sometimes spirits may manifest their whole being or just a certain body part such as a hand.

Some physical mediums can also produce ectoplasm; a substance believed to be from the spirit world in which some spirits, but not all, use it to form images of themselves or objects.

Psychic Art is a form of physical mediumship too. The medium's hand is controlled by spirit. The medium needs no artistic skills although it does help to have them. Psychic art is used to channel a likeness, usually in portrait form, of someone who lived on the Earth plane but is now in spirit. The likeness will normally be recognised by someone in an audience or congregation or by a private sitter.

Transfiguration is another type of physical mediumship. A physical medium may transfigure his/her facial features involuntarily. The transfiguration is achieved by the build-up of ectoplasm over the mediums face. Spirits will mould their own features over the medium's face for recognition by those watching. Sometimes “loved ones” come through using these techniques and on occasions deceased famous people too.

In order to train and to practice some spiritual mediums will engage in Séance. This involves a group of people sitting in a circle and around a table with a medium who contacts a spirit guide. The spirit then communicates with the circle of people through the medium either mentally or by using the medium's vocal cords.

Spirit manifestations can occur as well as apparitions and other phenomena. Most séance's are held in very dark rooms to facilitate the seeing of materialisations. However, séance can be practiced anywhere and in the light too. Some physical mediums will use of a traditional collection of objects to demonstrate spirit integration into their demonstrations. These objects include spirit trumpets, spirit cabinets and levitation tables.

Demonstrations on mediumship are usually performed either in public or in private circles. The best place to see public demonstrations are through your local spiritual church. Most will advertise demonstrations and workshops, if applicable, on a notice board at the church itself. Many do not have the funds to widely advertise.

Some spiritual mediums are healers but not all healers are mediums. Some people are able to redirect trapped energies to cure others. Reiki is a form of this. Healing mediums call on spirits to help channel the required energy to effect a cure. Psychics can also help to heal others with accurate and positive fore-telling. This can help to heal the enquirers mind or to alleviate any stress but above all it generally promotes a better future hope for the sitter

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