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From Darkness to Light.......from Pain to Gain

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Delivery methods of your Spiritual Psychic Medium reading

Unless otherwise requested, Edward will send your psychic email reading as a .pdf attachment incorporated within an email message.

You will need Adobe Acrobat to open the .pdf file. Edward uses version seven of Adobe Acrobat but generally sends .pdf files in version five. If you require your .pdf reading file attachment to be sent in another version then please advise Edward of the desired version number.

Alternative methods of psychic email reading delivery are as an html attachment or a copy (of either an html file or a .pdf file) can be placed on Edward’s server for you to download. If you choose the latter then please advise Edward once you have successfully downloaded the file so that it can be removed. If no advice is received from you it will be removed after two weeks from posting.

All .pdf files can be password protected upon request.

Please see the Samples page for an illustration on the full textual content that a psychic email reading might comprise.

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