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From Darkness to Light.......from Pain to Gain

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Spiritual Questions Answered

What is a Spiritual Pathway?

A Spiritual Pathway is a learning journey through life. It is entwined through out all of our make-up and it exists to show us a better way to live in the company of others.

In simple terms, Edward believes that we are all born with an invisible life map with a start and finishing point. Between these two major points are a collection of milestones placed one after the other. The distances between all milestones are different and although the milestones are flexible in their meaning, they are immovable.

How we decide to travel between these milestones is  up to us and is regarded as free will. Whatever we do or do not do we will still arrive at the next pre-determined milestone at some time in the future. In order to benefit from what a milestone has to offer, we need to be sure, subconsciously, of our routes between each milestone as we will be collecting much wisdom and new skills along the way.

Some of the things we will learn will be positive and some will be negative. We should aim to do what pleases us because then we will take an interest in what we do and we will do it well and above all we will be true to ourselves. With this in mind, we then have to work out how we can integrate our true needs into society without causing offence or annoyance to anyone else. After all everyone else is trying to do exactly the same.

How we handle friction when we clash is important too. All our actions and thoughts are recorded by a collective conscious. Records of our past, present and future are kept in an invisible database known to spiritualists as the Akashic Records. Edward, as a medium has mental access to these types of records and the skills to interpret them with remarkable accuracy as proven by feedback received from the people he has helped.

Depending on the type of clairvoyant reading you choose, parts of your pathway may be described to you. The General Life reading, mentioned below, is about your pathway. Rarely, these can mention aspects you would expect to find within a soul reading.

What is a General Life reading?

This is a reading that picks up on key points within your past, present and future pathway through life. It looks at your life as a whole. It might confirm that you are treading down the right path to fulfil your desires in life or it might suggest realistic ways in which you can improve your situation. It does not matter who you are or what you do but it does matter on how you are within yourself. This reading will highlight any areas you need to redress in any portion of your life to help you to achieve self fulfilment. Once you have this information you will be better prepared to invoke change for yourself. See Spiritual Pathway.

The General Life Summary will condense the information received from the Spirit World on your behalf. Also information received along with any interpretations will be given on what the information means with regards to you.

The General Life : in depth reading is similar to the General Life Summary reading but provides more depth and meaning of where you should be heading in life to maximise your inner potential.

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More information is available under Spiritual Questions Answered

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