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What is a Property Reading?

A property reading is designed to help you to make a decision. For instance if you are contemplating buying or renting a house or other building or land then this sort of reading will highlight the “pro’s” and “con’s” of doing so. It will not tell you whether your investment is a good one in monetary terms but it will consider whether the particular property is suitable for your present and future needs. It can also be used for any type of property ranging from a car purchase to a suite of furniture. Although not strictly necessary, a photograph of your interested property will certainly facilitate matters.

What is a Full Consultation reading?

This is a series of mini-readings in the form of up to ten questions (which must be asked at the same time) and their answers. It is particularly useful as a decision support diagnosis to a particular concern or a set of inter-related problems or indeed confirmation that you are on the right track. It can be used for any matter such as career and work issues, deeply personal subjects, or for new ways to seek and find whatever it is that you are looking for.

What is a Follow-on Question reading?

After you have received and read your requested reading, you may have a question for which you would like to receive clarification or a further answer. This is labelled as a Follow-on Question. Providing you follow-up the reading with your question and within 24 hours of the reading being sent to you, it will be answered at no additional cost. Two or more follow-on questions may be answered at the rate of GBP £25 per each question.

What is a Personal Crisis Management reading?

This is a tailor-made reading to help you to overcome any crisis that you may find yourself to be in. It can include a General Life reading with several questions or it could be constructed to include as many questions and answers as is necessary to help you to cope with your circumstances or to inspire you. It is very useful to receive such a consultative reading when something drastic has happened; such as you have been made redundant or have been dismissed from your job without prior warning. Similarly, it would provide useful insight if “things” were not going too well at home or with your partner. It can be used for any crisis. More information is available on the Crisis Management introduction page.

What is the purpose of a One Question, Two Question and Three Question reading?

These are not follow-on questions from the other readings. These are available within their own right just in case you need to ask one or two or three questions about anything. There may be something in your life that you are not sure about or you need some clarification from a higher realm.

How do I write a question?

Edward has no set rule and advises that you should write your question in English and in your own words as you think fit. Where a single question has many other questions within it, Edward will only answer the general meaning of the whole question.

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