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Intuitive Business Advice Services Introduction.

In order to stay ahead of your competitors, your tactical and strategic business decisions need to be made accurately and quickly too.

To help you achieve this why not consider using Edward McNaught-Davis’ intuitive business skills?

Edward could help you and your business to achieve success by using his intuition to provide you with helpful information which you could use to your immediate advantage; the sort of information that might take you many months to obtain and at a much higher cost. As an example this would enable you to,

Acknowledge a better understanding of product and market trends,

Gain an intelligence edge which might lead to new business,

Obtain creative ideas for products and services,

Assess the possibilities of mergers and acquisitions,

Receive a better insight into the personality and character traits of executive candidates,

Apply decisions with confidence,

Reach your target(s) sooner.

Edward McNaught-Davis has been in business for over 32 years and for much of this period he was an independent management consultant. Edward helped many businesses around the World (ranging from SMEs to large international banks, software houses, original equipment manufacturers, mobile telecommunication companies, etc.,) to find workable solutions to a myriad of issues, concerns and problems.

Edward’s own intuition is backed up by his extensive professional training in Spiritual Psychic Medium and Clairsentient and Clairvoyant skills which he uses daily to help others to win a better life for themselves. Please see the psychic reading by email services Edward offers to individuals and some of the testimonials which Edward has received.

So why not contact Edward McNaught-Davis to see how he can help you? You can either contact Edward by email or by letter in the first instance.

Initial Discussion

Edward will discuss your current situation with you such as any issues, problems, concerns, challenges and changes. Then  Edward will explain how he  might be able to help you and your company/business and his preferred method of working together with his type of deliverables that will assist you in making the right decisions.

Your Requirements and My Requirements

Edward’s preference is to work with key executives in an organisation. Also, Edward prefers not to receive detailed information about your requirements. All he needs is to understand clearly what it is that you are trying to achieve and why you are attempting to reach a certain goal.

For character and personality profiling all Edward requires is the full name of each individual candidate; Edward’s intuitive abilities can be used to describe the psychological make-up of people such as executive candidates that you may be considering to hire.

Providing you have a clear idea on what you wish to achieve for yourself and/or your company then Edward’s work is more effective and the final results from his intuitive business analysis will be delivered more quickly.

My Proposal to you and/or your company/business

After Edward has discussed your issues with you and he has extracted your requirements he will propose the best way forward so that you may receive his intuitive business advice as soon as possible. Depending on your requirements Edward might suggest a written analysis followed by a series of telephone discussions plus a series of meetings and/or a series of presentations.

Cost of my Intuitive Business Services

These are available upon request.

Invitation to test my Intuitive Business Services

Why not try out Edward McNaught-Davis’ services on a minimum scale first so that you are better able to judge his insights for yourself. Edward’s testimonials on this web site will give you an indication of what others have said about his metaphysical services.

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