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From Darkness to Light.......from Pain to Gain

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Check Your Spiritual Pathway : Spiritual Healing : Haunted

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The major legal conditions for requesting an arrest to a haunting are that you must be over 18 years of age and of sound mind and you understand that  the advice given to you is for you alone and is strictly offered as entertainment under UK legislation. Please see Terms.

Do you live in a Haunted Home? Is your Business Premise Haunted?

Many places seem to have their fair share of inexplicable phenomena but fortunately many people are oblivious to them or not sensitive enough to notice. Similarly, some people may notices some strange occurrences but choose to ignore or to accept them.

Determining whether You are being Subjected to a Haunting or Not?

If you are not sure whether you are being subjected to a haunting then there’s a good chance that you are not and so some other plausible explanation may be found such as house creaking and settlement noises, plumbing noises, draughts, electrical faults, rodent infestations, ill-fitted doors that open by themselves, old rattling windows and all the other everyday natural occurrences of 21st Century living.

However, if you have an inkling that you might be suffering from one of the many varieties of haunting types plus their associated sense of uneasiness then get in touch with Edward by email to explain your possible haunted situation.

Remote Spiritual Investigative Solutions

In the majority of cases it has not been necessary for Edward to visit all disturbed sites. The necessary spirit energies are channeled to Edward allowing him to read and analyse your spiritual disturbance from afar, wherever you are located in the World. Spirit solutions that have been applied remotely have so far proven to be more permanent than not. Some Divine solutions were applied several years ago and no spirit disturbance has knowingly reinstated itself since, at the particular location.

Advantages and Benefits of Remote Spiritual Solutions to Quell a Haunting

The advantages and benefits of applying remote spiritual solutions in arresting a haunting include a discreet service with little fuss and limited disruption plus the obvious time and cost savings. Neither you nor Edward need to go anywhere for Edward to try to stop a haunting that is affecting you in some way.

Edward will then look into your situation and will tell you briefly what he sees and senses by return email. If Edward cannot see nor sense any spiritual or similar disturbances then he will tell you so. But if Edward does “pick up “ on something that requires further investigation, he will inform you what this might be plus the associated costs in analysing and helping you to find a permanent positive solution.

During Edward’s initial analysis, he will try to determine whether the haunting relates to one or more disturbed spirits or whether it is being fuelled by a more sinister negative energy. Sometimes, all that is needed is a session of remote spiritual healing to rest matters.

What to expect from any proposed spiritual solution?

Edward will document what he discovers and the action he takes in a form of a special reading for you. This will be sent as a .pdf attachment to you, by email.

If Edward discovers that the disturbed spirit(s) were purposely trying to contact you with a pertinent message (this is quite rare though) then Edward will advise you accordingly with the details and these will be included within the same reading.

Cost of using Edward’s services for laying disturbed spirits to rest?

This very much depends on the severity of your haunting and its nature and whether any negative energy clearance is required, as well. A price quote will be given along with Edward’s proposed solution. All spiritual energies are free of charge. Edward’s costs are associated with the time it takes him to investigate, analyse, consult and apply any spiritual energies.

Please contact Edward if you feel he can help you.