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Check Your Spiritual Pathway :  Spiritual Healing : Negative Energy Clearance.

Negative Energy Clearance - what is it?

Negative Energy Clearance is a specialised form of spiritual healing used to clear negative energies from people, animals, past events (and in some cases future ones) and places. Negative energy, in this respect, has many different forms and has the intelligent ability to adopt many different disguises to suit its chosen or enforced environment.

Are you suffering from Negative Energy?

There are different types of negative energy and most of us will have experienced a lesser form in one way or another. Negative energy can and does manifest in a variety of ways. To enable you to appreciate just some of these manifestations then typically you might have or are experiencing:

How can Check Your Spiritual Pathway help You?

Edward (the sole spiritual clairvoyant medium and spiritual healer of this site) is experienced in interrogating and finding suitable solutions to fight most known types of negative energy. Most of these have been fought remotely. The necessary spirit energies are channeled to Edward allowing him to read and analyse you and your situation from afar, wherever you are in the World. This sounds relatively straight forward but quite often, negativity will mask the full picture or adopt a false positive and which prevents the full true picture from being known from the outset. It usually becomes apparent later on in any clearance mutually agreed.

Once the initial analysis is complete Edward will be in a better position to propose a solution.

Proposed Spiritual Solutions from Check Your Spiritual Pathway

If Edward sees and feels that you would benefit from the clearance of negative energies from your pathway and you then decide to go ahead with Edward’s proposal and costs, he will perform his negative energy clearance procedures for you. At the same time, Edward will document what he discovers and the action he takes in a form of a special negative energy clearance reading for you. This will be sent as a .pdf attachment to you, by email.

Most peoples’ requirements are relatively straight forward such as clearing bad moods or continual arguments that linger over a long period of time. Although these can be time consuming in their interrogation, the healing solution is easier to apply than, for example, dealing with true dark forces and occult systems.

In some cases and especially where the clearance of negative energies is related to a restless spirit, an inter-mix of procedures for laying disturbed spirits to rest, such as in a haunting, will need to be applied.

With all this in mind, Edward offers two categories of service:

A: Edward will keep you informed with email correspondence of all relevance that the spirit says you need to know. Edward will try and answer any questions you have. You will receive a report in the form of a reading to help you understand why you attracted negativity and a synopsis of the divine solution applied.

B. Limited email correspondence during the NEC and no report/reading.

Please Note

Not all negative energy can be cleared responsibly, on a remote basis. The most important one being for those who are seemingly possessed or semi-possessed by malevolent or evil spirits. This would need careful handling in-person and with at least two spiritual mediums plus the possibility of a professionally qualified medical practitioner in attendance. Edward does not offer this service on either a remote basis or on an in-person basis.

Advantages and Benefits of Negative Energy Clearance Performed Remotely.

The advantages and benefits of applying a remote clearing of negative energy include a discreet service with little fuss and limited disruption plus the obvious time and cost savings. Neither you nor Edward need to go anywhere for Edward to help clear negativity from your pathway.

How can you tell if the negative energy clearance has worked?

At the very least you should feel uplifted and the “air” around you should feel positively charged and this usually happens within 24 hours after the clearance has been effected. Some people feel immediately uplifted after reading their Negative Energy Clearance Reading and which is an integral part of this service.

Sometimes more than one NEC session is required.

Cost of using Edward’s services for clearing negative energies

This very much depends on the severity of negative energy and its nature and how involved the clearing procedures might be. A price quote will be given along with Edward’s proposed solution. Edward’s costs/prices are associated with the time it takes him to investigate, analyse, consult and apply any spiritual solution. All spiritual energies are free of any charge. All you pay for is Edward’s time in administering the clearing of your negative energies.

Please contact Edward if you feel he can help you.

Negative Energy Clearance - what is it?

Are you suffering from Negative Energy?

How can Check Your Spiritual Pathway help You?

Proposed Spiritual Solutions from Check Your Spiritual Pathway

Advantages and Benefits of Negative Energy Clearance Performed Remotely

How can you tell if the negative energy clearance has worked?

Cost of using Edward’s services for clearing negative energies

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The major legal conditions for requesting Negative Energy Clearance are that you must be over 18 years of age and of sound mind and you understand that the healing energies given to you are for you alone and are strictly offered as entertainment under UK legislation.

Please see Terms.