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Check Your Spiritual Pathway : Services : Spiritual Medium Skills : Spiritual Healing.

Spiritual Healing Services Offered to You - a short introduction

Spiritual Healing has a much wider scope than most people realise. Many will see it though as an alternative therapy which will complement orthodox treatment in helping you to get well or better from, perhaps, an illness, injury or emotional imbalance.

Spiritual Healing is sometimes used as a last resort where other alternative therapies have failed to help in effecting the right cure although it shouldn’t be used, for instance, to replace orthodox medical treatment; rather, it can be used to complement whatever your doctor (GP) or, medical practitioner recommends.

But this is just one side to healing with spiritual energies. The wider scope is explained in “what is spiritual healing” and this will further explain from where the energies stem and how they are given to you and what you should expect.

Spiritual energy healing is not faith healing. You do not have to believe in it, for it to work.

Similarly, these energies are not classed as Reiki stimuli. They seem to be more specific too than psychic healing energies, the latter of which can be applied by non-spiritual people.

Energy fuelled from the spiritual plane is often referred as Divine energy. The differences between Reiki healing and Spiritual Healing are quite profound, as explained under spiritual questions answered.

However, some people may not be susceptible to healing energies at all and so it doesn’t seem to work for everyone but unless you try it out for yourself at least once or twice then you’ll never know whether it is for you or not, probably.

Booking a healing session with Check Your Spiritual Pathway

Edward McNaught-Davis is the sole spiritual healer on this site. Edward offers to conduct spiritual healing sessions on either a remote basis to anyone or any animal or in-person to existing clients or referrals from existing clients only. Existing clients, in this respect, means anyone who has received healing before from Edward or who has had a spiritual psychic medium reading by email or on a face-to-face basis.


Remote spiritual healing can be applied to anyone or to any animal, anywhere in the world.

In person

In-person healing will involve Edward attending to you at your home providing you live within a 15 mile radius of Llanon in Ceredigion, Wales. The principal towns covered within this radius include Aberaeron, Lampeter, Tregaron and Aberystwyth and everywhere in between providing your home is easily accessible by car on quality “A” or “B” roads. In either case, these services are offered providing Edward’s specific terms and conditions (available on request by email) are met prior to receiving any healing session from him.

Availability for either remote healing or in-person healing sessions

Please send Edward an email to check his workload status and to outline your requirement.


You are paying for Edward’s time in channeling the healing energies to you and not for the actual spiritual healing energies themselves. If Edward has to meet you in person then motoring costs will be applied too.

All healing sessions and motoring costs must be paid for in advance via PayPal. Edward will send you the applicable PayPal payment link once the spiritual healing session has been agreed by email.

Remote Healing Prices

As neither Edward nor you have to go anywhere to receive remote healing then Edward’s prices for administering applicable energies are greatly reduced in comparison to seeing Edward in-person.

In-Person Healing Prices

Before attempting to book a spiritual healing session you are well advised to consider the healing procedures involved plus Edward’s terms. Motoring costs are currently applied at 50 pence per mile. Edward will calculate the full motoring costs and which will include his return journey and he will advise you of the total cost by email prior to sending you the PayPal link also by email.

The actual healing session usually last between 45 minutes to one hour..

Although Edward is Reiki attuned, he prefers to channel spiritual healing energies instead.