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Check Your Spiritual Pathway : Spiritual Medium : Contact Specific Spirits

What to Expect in a Contact a Specific Spirit Reading

The actual reading will be sent as a .pdf file attached to an email. It can be password protected at your request. Generally, the actual reading content will most likely comprise between three to five pages of its A4 paper equivalent or about, on average, 1,000 words of pertinent information, about the contacted spirit(s).

Quite often you will receive a metaphorical description of the specific spirit(s) contacted in addition to a portrayal of their physical characteristics although the latter can often come through as being more symbolic than actual.

The reasons for this typically include that the spirit you require does not have enough energy to show himself or herself or itself (in the case of an animal or pet) to Edward or because they feel that you will recognise them better if they describe their character and or personality or their career, for instance, to you.

Sometimes the spirit might describe briefly how he, she or it died for added recognition. There are times too when another spirit may act as a “go between” for the one(s) you seek because they are unavailable themselves. This sometimes happens with people who took their own lives or who died in tragic circumstances.

Don’t be upset if the right contact has been made with your specified spirit(s) but you receive no particular clairvoyant message from him, her or it. Not all will know how to transfer the required information to Edward by telepathic means and especially if they have not been in the spirit world for long or there may be a communication block or some sort of spirit control in existence. Other reasons may be applicable too.

Read More contact specific spirit legal notice terms

The major legal conditions for requesting  contact specific spirits are that you must be over 18 years of age and of sound mind and you understand that the spiritual reading given to you is for you alone and is strictly offered as entertainment under UK legislation.

Please see Terms.

Contact Specific Spirits

Some people are keen to contact specific spirits who are their loved ones residing on to the other side of life (also known as the Spirit World or After-life or Heaven in the Western hemisphere). Loved ones include close and distant relatives, friends, animals and pets.

Edward (the spiritual clairvoyant medium behind this site), offers to do this remotely by email but he makes no promises in being able to do so. Sometimes there are mind-to-mind communication blocks or the spirit you wish to contact is unavailable for whatever reason.

The true purpose of contacting specific spirits is to provide proof of survival after death.

How to Commission Contact Specific Spirit Readings by email

To initiate this service Edward requires that you give him a name (first name and surname) of the spirit you wish him to contact on your behalf and nothing else.

Edward will then determine whether the spirit you wish to contact is available.

If the spirit is that of an animal or pet then Edward requires you tell him the name and any nickname of the animal plus its gender and type such as dog, cat, horse, rabbit, etc.

You will then receive a reply with a short description of the contacted spirit.

If the specific spirit is available and you recognise the spirit’s description then you may proceed with the reading.

But if the specific spirit is not available or you don’t recognise the description then you may curtail it at no cost to you. This seem to be the fairest way of proceeding.

Payment (currently £60 via PayPal) is only required if the spirit is available and you wish for the reading to continue.

Contacting Too Many Spirits At Once

Please be aware that if you ask Edward to contact more than one named spirit then your reading content will most likely comprise the same number of words had you just asked for one individual spirit. Asking Edward to contact too many spirits for any one reading may dilute the descriptions of each spirit that comes forward.

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