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From Darkness to Light.......from Pain to Gain

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Spiritual Medium

A Spiritual Medium is a person who has the ability to communicate via a two way link and work with the Spirit World.

There are three main types of Spiritual Mediums; Mental, Trance and Physical.. Both Mental and Trance mediumship is used on this site to support its spiritual services. Mental medium skills are used in the main along with clairvoyance to contact specific spirits and to help heal others.

Some spiritual mediums are healers but not all healers are mediums. Some people are able to redirect trapped energies to cure others. Spiritual healing and Reiki are forms of this. Spiritual healing mediums will call on spirits to help channel the required energy to help in effecting a cure. Edward conducts remote spiritual healing only from this site.

Psychics can help to heal others with accurate and positive clairvoyant readings, for instance. These can help to heal the enquirer’s mind or to alleviate their stress.

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