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Check Your Spiritual Pathway : Services : Spiritual Medium Skills.

Spiritual Medium Skills Introduction

Spiritual medium skills can and do involve a wide ranging scope. It is not just limited to contacting specific spirits on behalf of another (sitter) or channeling spiritual healing to a person, animal or other living “thing”.

As well as talking to spirit(s) to learn more about the spirit world in general or to gain insights into others’ life pathways (in order to help them and through psychic readings), Edward will use his medium skills to either lay disturbed spirits to rest, such as in a haunted location, or to effect a negative energy clearance; and this might include demonic activity.

Edward practices as a physical medium, a trance medium and a mental medium. These skills will allow him to conduct or participate in a professionally controlled séance, development circles, psychic art, cabinet work and other forms of transfiguration and energy transformations.

Spiritual Medium Expertise offered to You (through this web site)

Contacting specific spirits is achieved and offered by email only. Quite a few of Edward’s clients opt for this service.

Spiritual healing can be administered either remotely to you anywhere in the world or it can be done locally at your house or premises.

Similarly, quelling a haunting by laying disturbed spirit(s) to rest is achievable from afar or by having Edward actually visit the haunted place, in person.

The same is valid for negative energy clearing.

In a way, these two latter subjects are an extension to spiritual healing although much specialised skill and wisdom as well as “hand’s on” experience is required to do it properly. And “properly”, in this respect, means analysing, learning, controlling and finding workable solutions and applying them to arrest a haunting or demonic occurrences.