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Check Your Spiritual Pathway : Spiritual Metaphysics : Spiritual Metaphysics Meanings

A List of Metaphysical Words and their Associated Meanings.

Astral Projection: Also known as an “Out of Body Experience” or an OOBE. The experience involves being separated from one’s physical body and travelling through space and time for either a particular purpose that you have willed your mind to achieve or because your higher mind wishes to explore something.

Astrology: Research and analysis of the effects of the sun, moon and eight planets upon the Earth and its inhabitants with regards to predicting future events.

Cabinet Work: A three sided dark cabinet allowing either a Physical Medium, a Mental Medium or a  Trance Medium to sit within and to channel spirit energies for purposes such as Physical Phenomena.

Cartomancy: Divination through the use of Playing Cards. The Tarot also falls under this category.

Channeling: A mind process involving a state of altered consciousness used by a Mental Medium to effect two way communications with spirits and other supernatural intelligence and energies.

Clairalience: This means "Clear Smelling". Some spirits excrete, through energy manipulation, a smell signature for recognition and which may be picked up by anyone and not just a medium or psychic. A spirit may, for example, manifest the smell of pipe or cigarette tobacco or their favourite perfume or after-shave.

Clairaudience: Literally means “Clear Hearing”. Denotes the faculty of supernormal hearing from other dimensional sources or from our own plane but over vast distances such as thousands of miles. It is usually a term used to describe Mediums who have the ability to hear the voices or thoughts of spirits; voices may be heard as though the Medium is listening to a person talking to them, in say, the same room or, the voice may be heard within the medium’s head as a verbal telepathic communication.

Clairaudient: A person receptive to and/or knowingly practicing Clairaudience.

Claircognisance: Literally means "Clear Knowing". It explains the ability to know something without knowing how that something is known. Mediums and psychics often claim to have the feeling that a message or situation is  either "right" or "wrong".

Claircognisant: A person who has the ability of Claircognisance.

Claircognizance: This is the US spelling of Claircognisance.

Claircognizant: A person who has the ability of Claircognizance (or Claircognisance).

Clairgustance: Translates to mean "Clear Tasting". It involves receiving taste impressions from a spirit.

Clairsentience: Literally means, “Clear Sensing” and involves the psychic perception of the senses such as touch, taste, smell and emotions. A medium or psychic will receive an an impression from a spirit as a form of verbal communication or to feel sensations instilled by a spirit.  Often coupled with Clairvoyance and Clairaudience.

Clairsentient: A person who practices Clairsentience.

Clairsentinence: means "Clear Feeling". This is often an unpleasant phenomena in which a Medium might temporarily inherit the ailments that a spirit suffered on the Earth plane, prior to his or her death. If the spirit suffered from say, heart problems, then a medium may pick up the same pain in their heart while communicating with that spirit.

Clairvoyance: Literally means, “Clear Seeing” and involves the seeing and analysis/interpretation of waking visions using ESP.

Clairvoyant: A person who practices Clairvoyance.

Crystal Ball: These are used for Scrying as a method of divination. Clairvoyant images are meant to appear within the ball. Other objects can be used to good effect too; mirrors, shiny stones, water or indeed anything with a reflective surface.

Crystal Children: Crystal Children are reported to have first appeared on Earth from about the year 2000. The purpose of these children, once they become adults, is to take mankind to the next level in evolution by revealing an inner power and divinity within each of us. Crystal children function as a group consciousness rather than individually, and they live by the" Law of One" or Unity Consciousness. Their ultimate aim is to install love and peace on the planet. Also see Indigo Children.

Crystal (Gem): Crystals are minerals that are either natural or cultivated by man. Crystals are associated with perfection although many are not perfect.Once cut and polished they will often show their transparency and clarity and are used as healing crystals.

Crystal Metaphysical Consultant: This person specialises in identifying healing crystals to match conditions requiring healing in any living vessel such as a human, animal, mammal, reptile, plant, etc., A form of divination would be used to aid the prognosis. Clairvoyance is often used and on occasions it is just a simple matter of “just knowing” as through claircognisance.

Development Circle(s): A development circle is used by novices to train in becoming clairvoyant and or spiritual mediums. The group will generally sit in a circle with a table in between them. One member of the circle will be nominated as the leader and this is typically a professionally trained spiritual clairvoyant medium. Development circles usually maintain a disciplined approach with a duration of about an hour each time they take place. It is recommended that novices attend each week for a period of up to six months.

Dice: For 2000 years or more dice have been used as a divinatory tool. Set values were given to the points on each die. The user would ask a question, throw a couple of dice into a circle and whatever point was showing face up would be translated to give an answer.

Divinatory: See Divination.

Divination: Various techniques used to foretell the future and for finding lost  people and objects with the help of spirit beings and the collective conscious.

Dowsing: An ancient form of divination using either a forked stick or rods or a pendulum. Dowsing is generally used to locate people, objects and substances. Also, it can be used to foretell the future and the pendulum is favoured for this.

Some alternative health therapists use dowsing to diagnose health problems. This is known as Radiesthesia.

ESP: Extrasensory Perception (known better as “ESP”) equates to the ability of being able to receive and transmit information through mental means. Part of Psi phenomena. Four main categories make up ESP; Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Precognition or Retrocognition.

Healing: Not all healers are mediums. Some people are able to redirect trapped energies to cure others. Spiritual Healing and Reiki are a form of this. Healing mediums call on spirits to help channel the required energy to effect a cure. Psychics of which being clairvoyant is an integral part can also help heal others with accurate and positive fore-telling.

Healing Crystals: These are simply crystal (Gem) stones that have been identified as having healing properties. Stones such as Amethysts are believed to have healing powers to combat stress and aid in sleep whereas a Carnelian stone is reputed to be a good balancer connecting the inner self to align good concentration. There are hundreds of different stones that act in different healing ways. A Crystal Metaphysical Consultant would be able to help you choose the right stone for you.

I Ching: A sacred Chinese book which is thousands of years old. Also known as the “Book of Changes”. Used as the basis for a Chinese divination system involving 64 hexagrams each of which comprises six divided or undivided lines. Yarrow sticks were used originally but these days coins or match sticks can be used. Each hexagram has a meaning attributed to it.

Indigo Children: According to New Age beliefs there are children who possess heightened forms of ESP and other related abilities including a great sense of awareness. These children are identified as being Indigo Children by the colour of their auras; these being indigo or blue. It is believed that Indigo Children have been incarnating on the Earth plane for the last 100 years. During the 1970’s an increase in Indigo populations were reported. There are beliefs that these children will grow or have already grown into community, National and World leaders. Their purpose is to govern the Earth and all iving things with much more respect than previously demonstrated by any other leader. Also see Crystal Children.

Insight: A term generally used to describe intuition or foresight.

Intuition: A natural mental feeling of “knowing” that something is right or not right for that individual.

Inspirational Art: The ability to draw or paint what the medium “sees” or “feels” mentally. Mediums need to be good at artistic techniques and have the required skills to capture what is seen or felt.

Karma: Derived from the Sanskrit “deed”. A fundamental concept in Hinduism and Buddhism where thoughts and deeds determine the consequences of a person’s life and rebirth. What you do in one life affects who you are and what you do in subsequent lifetimes. Often mistaken by Westerners as meaning destiny or fate. Karma can be good karma or bad karma.

Karma Cards: An interesting divinatory tool comprising three different sets of cards which when used together in the manner intended, produce accurate results enabling the enquirer to make sensible decisions for moving forward.

Laying Disturbed Spirits to Rest: This involves the quelling of a mischievous haunting and which is caused by a spirit to either a living individual, a place or a location.

Meditation: A form of relaxation achieved by deep thinking and visualising, in the mind, a nice relaxing scene. You can take it much further by allowing yourself to become part of the scene and letting your subconscious control what happens next.

Mental Medium: Also known as a Sensitive and one who communicates (two way link) with the other side of life.

Metaphysics: Philosophy. Speculation. Study of Divination and Spiritology.

Metaphysical Emporium: A knowledge base or glossary of terms such as this one here on the meanings behind words, phrases, terms and beliefs.

Mystical: A fusion of magic, the occult and supernatural forces providing an air of the unknown.

Negative Energy:The opposite to positive energy. It is required to promote balance but quite often too much negativity exists upsetting the equilibrium of the various life forces. Negative energy can affect people, animals, past events and physical locations. It has many different forms and has the ability to adopt many different guises. Quite often its source is evil.

Negative Energy Clearance: A form of healing. Special procedures are used to clear negative energies from people, animals, past events and places. Quite often it is extremely dangerous work as the medium may have to wrestle with demons and other nasty entities. For further information read about Laying disturbed Spirits to Rest.

New Age: A modern Western term used to describe all unorthodox subjects such as spiritualism, astrology, the occult, mysticism, complimentary medicine, healing crystals, pyramids and similar sets of beliefs. People who support the new age era do so because they believe the time is right for us to investigate all these ancient albeit suppressed beliefs.

Numerology: Also known as numeromancy or arithomancy. Numerology is one of the oldest forms of divination and occult lore.

OOBE: Out of Body Experience. See Astral Projection.

Ouija: This is pronounced as “Wejar” in English. The term “Ouija” is derived from the French for “yes” (being Oui) and the German for “yes” (being Ja). An Ouija comprises a board and pointer called a Planchette that is used as a divinatory communications device with the spirit world. The board has all the letters of the alphabet and numbers from 0 to 9 inscribed on it and some even have “yes” and “no” printed. An Ouija board can be mentally dangerous to use if its users have not been professionally trained in using one.

Physical Medium: These are mediums who produce physical phenomena such as the movement of objects or can cause unexplainable noise. Some physical mediums can also produce ectoplasm; a substance believed to be from the spirit World in which some spirits, but not all, use it to form images of themselves or objects.

Planchette: This is a heart shaped pointing device for use with Ouija boards in the main. It is usually constructed out of wood with one end fashioned into a point. At its base there is usually a tricycle of casters to facilitate its smooth movement. Planchettes can be used for automatic writing and drawing also.

Playing Cards: Virtually any system (or game - which is, after all, a fun system) can be used as a divinatory tool. Normal playing cards are often used. Divination through traditional playing cards is known as Cartomancy. As long as you lay down the rules for what your preferred system is meant to do and how it should work then that too can be used. Edward (owner of this site) has used Microsoft’s Windows’ Solitaire as an impartial divinatory tool with accurate results.

Precognition: The knowledge of events lying in the future & waiting to happen.

Predicting: Foretelling future events. Prophesy.

Prediction: See Predicting.

Prophet: This is a person who predicts future events as though under divine guidance. It is essentially the same as being a Seer or a Spiritual Psychic Medium.

Psi: A term used in parapsychology to include ESP and Psychokinesis.

Psi Cards: An interesting card system of finding your inner self and how to best move forward in your life.

Psychic: Generally & incorrectly used as a label for all meanings to do with divination. Its true meaning is the use of ESP or Psychokinesis.

Psychic Art: A form of physical mediumship. The medium's hand is controlled by spirit. The medium needs no artistic skills although it does help to have them.

Psychokinesis: Mind over matter. Using the mind to control the state of matter through materialisations, levitation and movement.

Reiki: Pronounced as “Ray Key” originates from Japan and literally translates to "spiritually guided life force energy”. Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement that everyone can use. Effective in helping virtually every known illness and malady, it creates a beneficial effect. It works in conjunction with other medical or therapeutic techniques and treatments relieve side effects and promote recovery. Dr. Usui Mikao invented the system of Reiki. Other systems now exist too.

Remote Viewing: This is the ability to “see” or “sense” remote objects, places, locations, buildings etc., via clairvoyance or through an OOBE.

Retrocognition: Knowledge of past events without physical access to information about those events.

Runes: A system of divination originating from Norse and Germanic alphabets of symbols which were used mainly for charms and inscriptions. Runes were constructed from stone, wood, metal or bone.

Séance: Also known as a “Circle” or a “Sitting”. It involves a group of people sitting in a circle with a medium who contacts a spirit guide. The spirit then communicates with the circle of people through the medium either mentally or by using the medium’s voice box. Manifestations can occur as well as apparitions and other phenomena. Most séance are held in very dark rooms to facilitate the seeing of materialisations. However, séance can be practiced anywhere indoors or outdoors and in the light too.

Seer: A seer is the same as a Prophet.

Self Hypnosis: A self help technique for inducing rapid and deep relaxation. Useful to combat stress. It is used very successfully during meditation and to prepare for OOBE’s. Some mediums, especially those doing trance work, will use the technique to “go down” quickly.

Sitter(s): This term is applied to those receiving a reading. The term was originally applied to people taking part in Seances or medium/clairvoyant development circles as all participants needed to sit down and usually in a circular group around a table.

Sixth Sense: A general term used to describe “Intuition” or the “Gut Feel”.

Soul/Spirit: There are many different explanations as to what the soul may be and all religions will argue their case for their particular beliefs. The majority of people seem to believe that each and every living being has a soul although it seems that there are a few non believers. Ancient philosophy suggests that man comprises a triune being; body, soul and spirit. Accordingly the soul is a vehicle in which resides the spirit and both are harboured by the physical body. At the time of death the soul along with its spirit withdraws and continues to function in the spiritual world. People who believe in this are generally known as trichotomists whereas people who believe that the soul and the spirit are one of the same are known as dichotomists, among the Christian faith.

Spiritology: The study of Spirits and the realms in which they reside and how spirits exist and work and their influences.

Spiritologist: A term used to describe a person who studies Spiritology.

Spiritual: A general word used to describe anything to do with esoteric matters, the supernatural, occultism, divination, mediumism, materialisations etc.,

Spiritualist: A person who believes in Spiritualism. This is a movement which was founded in the USA during 1848 by the Fox sisters in New York.

Spiritual Medium: A person who has the ability to communicate and work with the Spiritual World.

Spiritual Psychic Medium: A term used to describe someone who practices as a Spiritual Medium together with Psychic (ESP - Extrasensory Perception) phenomena.

Spiritual World: When people and animals die, the physical body generally remains on the Earth Plane but the soul/spirit move on into another dimension often referred as the Afterlife or Heaven within the Western hemisphere. Some spirits within the afterlife are tasked with helping people and animals on the Earth plane. Within this collection of spirits are those who have the ability to read the Akashic Records which is a detailed mapping system of Past, Present and Future events for all living creatures. Most professionally trained Spiritual Psychic Mediums also have access to these records through mental and spirit guide means.

Tarot Cards: A picture card system used for divinatory purposes such as fortune telling. Comprises 78 cards in total split into two groups. The first group consists of 22 trump cards which are categorised as belonging to the Major Arcana. The remaining 56 cards are categorised as the Minor Arcana; these are then split into four suits of 14 cards. The cards are shuffled while a question is being considered and then one or more cards are laid out into a pre-determined spread. The card reader will then interpret the meaning of the cards in relation to the query. It can take many years to learn it properly but once learnt it is a very accurate form of divination albeit from a lower realm to that of the spirit.

Table Tilting: This involves the transfer and integration of energy into a table to make it move or dance on its own accord. It works best with wooden tables.

Tea Leaves: Reading Tea Leaves or Coffee Grounds is known as Tasseography.

Telepathy: Mind-to-mind communication. See ESP.

Telekinesis: Paranormal abilities to move objects by thought process alone.

Trance Medium: A form of self hypnosis enabling the sitter who is invariably a medium to experience what can be best described as being suspended between life and death. This condition allows the mind to roam freely to explore other realms or dimensions and to perhaps communicate with other entities. A Trance Medium may allow one spirit entity at a time to integrate him/her/itself within his/her body and to allow that entity to communicate either visually or audibly through speech.

Transfiguration: A physical medium may transfigure his/her facial features involuntarily. The transfiguration is achieved by the build-up of ectoplasm over the mediums face. Spirits will mould their own features over the medium’s face for recognition. Edward, who is generally clean shaven, once experienced the build-up of a moustache and could physically feel the “hairs” growing through his skin, while transfiguring the facial features of an 11th Century Scribe (Writer) from Normandy.

Visions: These are mental pictures as a result of clear seeing.

Visioning: The ability to create visions through spiritual or occult means.

Find out, through this Metaphysical glossary, the meaning behind words and phrases that support the esoteric work of Spiritual Psychic Mediums.

The metaphysical listing below acts as a glossary of terms and knowledge for the more popular metaphysical words and phrases used by Check Your Spiritual Pathway and by the industry/movement as a whole. All the descriptions were written by Edward and are based on his experience and understanding of metaphysics.

Other metaphysical emporiums on the internet may comprise much more knowledge than this one but Edward will generally only include words and phrases that he has personally experienced..

The metaphysical words and their associated meanings explained are listed alphabetically in the scroll box below. All you need do is to scroll down looking for your word. You may also find yourself on this page if you followed an associated link from elsewhere on this web site. Or you could try the Search box at the top right of your screen.

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