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From Darkness to Light.......from Pain to Gain

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Hi Edward

Many thanks for doing the reading for me, very good and I like the different approach with the visualisation technique.

Sean H. of Cornwall. 16 July 2006.

Edward, You may remember me or you may not - I came to you last summer for a reading which I thought was excellent. I'm not in your area at the moment but I would like to have a general life summary reading sent to me if you would be willing to do this? Many thanks.

Emma S. of  Cambridgeshire, England. 6 May 2006.

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Lastly Edward, your reading is entirely accurate and true and some of the phrases you have used you could never have known. I think you are blessed with a great gift. Thanks again.

Maya M. of Ayrshire, Scotland. 15 February 2006

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Hello Edward

Firstly, your reading was very accurate on most things. Very accurate. What you picked up about me (i.e. being 'two of me') is very true. Also the fact that you said that people see someone who is very different to who I am, is true.

Alison B. of  Wiltshire, England. 22 April 2006.

Hi Edward, I've had a chance to read and re-read your excellent reading and, for once, have little to say or add. You've have captured the essence of the situation perfectly and you’ve been given/reported with a perfect metaphor ............................

Stuart G. of Kent, England. 26 March 2006.

Many thanks for your obvious hard work and attention. I'm just so amazed at how accurate you are and for accurately seeing me in my pink pullover. It's unbelievable seeing we're about 200 miles apart and we've never met.......................

Jody A. of  Surrey. 26 November 2006.

Thanks for the extensive reading Edward, which was safely received, the length and detail of which was most unexpected.

Mike R. of Kent, England. 27 September 2006

Hi Edward,

Many thanks for the reading. It seems extraordinarily accurate and relevant to my current situation.

Ivor M. of  London, England. 26 May 2006.

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Psychic Power Testimonials for 2006

Clairsentience is used throughout Edward’s email readings - as part of his psychic power. Being a clairsentient means being able to sense other peoples’ emotions. Some psychic power testimonials for 2006 are listed below. Most of  these readings will have included clairsentience in one form or another.

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