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From Darkness to Light.......from Pain to Gain

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Hello Edward,

The spiritual medium reading you gave me last year has already begun to take effect and I am so pleased. More than I can say. I think you are a very good medium and I thank you very much for taking the time to help me.

Marinela K. of Athens, Greece. 2 April 2007.

Dear Edward,

Thank you very much for my reading. All the information makes sense to me and is very accurate, and I guess the two spirits at the front, are the two members of my family which I call for the most when I feel lost or in a lot of pain.

Julia D. of  Sussex, England. 01 March 2007.

Hi Edward,

Thanks so much for taking from your time to answer my questions. I really appreciate your generosity.

Roula K. of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. 28 February 2007.

Dear Edward.

Just thanks. I cried so much when I had your reading. Just because I had been heard. Thank you. And god bless you. Your words have really comforted me at this time.

Sharon J. of  Cardiff, Wales. 11 February 2007.

Hi Edward,

Thanks for another excellent reading. Wow, there were certainly a number of accuracies there!

Helen G. of Inverness, Scotland. 6 January 2007.

Hi Edward,

I have received the reading, thank you very much. It is very interesting and the images that you have received are very accurate (about the house, its environment, my present state, my partner’s mistress, what I perceive of my partner’s mind state, etc.) Most striking! I found the images in your reading very beautiful and I could perfectly picture what you were saying. Most reassuring too that there will be a new love, good health and abundance waiting for me....I'm starting to believe in that more these days, I'm working quite hard at being more positive and appreciating myself more. And it is working!

HA of  Brussels, Belgium  24 November 2007.

Hi Edward,

Thanks very much for these precisions and advice, it's a little bit clearer now and yes, it helps !All the best!

PM of Paris, France  9 September 2007.

Hello Edward,

Yes that does sound like my ex boyfriend; he is not a leader and he prefers to go with the flow but misses out on a lot of things as people think he is very quiet but he is sociable with close friends. If it was left up tp him he would not contact me directly but would wait until we bumped into each other. He does appear very adamant about us not getting back together as your reading inferred.

RD of Aberystwyth, Wales  13 September 2007.

Hi Edward,

Thanks again for your help and your reading. I will enjoy reading this again,thanks again Edward and i will keep in touch.

PG of Hamilton, Canada 19 October 2007

Hi Edward,

I have received your mail and the reading - thank you very much for all your work! I have read it once and will read it again to let things sink in. It is all very clear in the way you have described things

HA of Brussels, Belgium  4 September 2007.

Hi Edward

Many thanks for getting back to me and for giving me such detail.

AS of  Lisbon,Portugal 29 April 2007.

Hi Edward,

Thank you very much for the reading! It was indeed very interesting especially your  vision about the Bavarian castle.

CR of Munich, Germany  1 May 2007.

Hi Ya  Edward,

I have read through the reading a number of times now and am impressed. There is a lot there and as always is spot on. I am still digesting it but thought I would say thank you again. I have taken on board what came out in the reading so hopefully things will turn out ok :)

AB of  Lyneham, Wiltshire, England  2 May 2007.

Dear Ed,

Thank you so much for your reading.  Very optimistic.

GM of Newfoundland, Canada 10 May 2007.

Hi Edward

I have received and read your reading with interest, many thanks for the effort/extra time put into it, it's more pages than I expected. I will email you soon with my comments.

ASQ of Swindon, Wiltshire, England  12 May 2007.

Hello Edward

How are you keeping? I re read your reading and it is now beginning to make more sense to me. ........I remember saying your reading did not gel with me when I first got it and now this is my way of saying I was wrong. Thanks Edward.

AK of London 18 May 2007.

Dear Edward,

Thank you very much for your reading.  I will be able to draw strength from the reading and carry on my chosen path. I will also be able to detach and look at my children's problems with another perspective, and I am very grateful to you, for this. I have a inner sense (I'm not sure what to call it) which makes me feel things about my family and other people, and sometimes I do follow my instinct specially where my children are concerned. I think I was just trying to get some validation, about the current path. I am very grateful for your help, and most of all for the love, happiness and inner peace your readings always bring to me.

JD of England  21 May 2007.

Hello Edward

Many thanks for this reading.  I have read it a few times but as there is a lot of information, I will continue to read it a few more times.

PM of Inverness, Scotland  31 August 2007.

Check Your Spiritual Pathway : Testimonials : Testimonials 2007.

Clairvoyant Psychic readings by email Testimonials received during 2007.

Clairvoyant psychic readings are a form of spiritual healing as the spiritual answers given can help to soothe the mind by helping the individual to come to terms with something troubling them or perhaps by helping to remove their general worries and stressors.

Spiritual healing comes in many guises of which accurate clairvoyant psychic readings by email are one positive form.

The term Clairvoyant Psychic is an incorrect one although many use it. To be clairvoyant means you’re psychic but being psychic doesn’t necessarily mean you have clairvoyance with in you.

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