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Check Your Spiritual Pathway : Testimonials : Testimonials 2011.

Psychic Readings Review involving customer feedback plus testimonials for 2011 received so far.

Psychic readings given by Check Your Spiritual Pathway are reviewed by its customers and feedback or testimonials attesting to the psychic reading are given occasionally and sent by email. These psychic reviews are then summarised and any privacy is removed to protect the customer's identification. Customers are not obligated to supply psychic reviews for their email psychic readings in the form of feedback or testimonials although it does help to receive them. More customer testimonials are available from the main Testimonial menu or from the drop down menus on the “Testimonials” navigational button above.

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Hi Edward

Thank you for talking to me I am very grateful because it’s hard to find anyone to say all this to......................

JB of Manchester, England  17 Jan 2011

psychic readings review English flag psychic readings review letter paper white background

Hi Edward

You know I just wanted to say that if it wasn't for you and all your extensive help you gave me, there is no way I could have got through the last two months so thanks again. I am so pleased I found you and your clairvoyant services.

SH of Llanon, Wales  22 Feb 2011

psychic reading reviews Welsh flag psychic reading reviews letter paper primrose coloured testimonils 2011

How kind of you to reply so fully to my general life summary reading follow-up questions- I wasn't expecting that. I love the thought that I could make a difference, maybe time will show me a way. Thanks again for spending so much time on the reading, it's very good of you.

KL of Bucks, England  28 April 2011

psychic readings review letter paper tan coloured testimonils 2011

Hi Edward

Many thanks for the very thorough in depth business reading.....a lot of food for thought there, for sure.

CS of Marmaris, Turkey  7 March 2011

psychic readings review testimonials turkish flag

Thanks, Edward. You have helped me quite a bit over the past year or so.

JL of Tregaron, Wales 16 May 2011

Many thanks for your kind words, Edward, and also your additional work this morning.  I must say that your comments on the three dogs did cross my mind too...............

PC of Essex, England 9 June 2011

The General Life in-depth clairvoyant reading you gave me by email was incredibly powerful, as were the replies to my follow-up questions. The supplied Images given were highly significant, having a power in themselves. The remote spiritual healing I received from you was immediately effective and life was suddenly joyful again.  I have never been so sure that I am on the right path or so certain how to move forward........

PC of Essex, England 23 July 2011

Thank you so much, Edward, the negative energy clearance reading you did for me all makes a lot of sense and I do feel a lot more empowered today. People that have been causing the problems have been treating me with more respect. You have really helped me. Thank you for my symbol too, I feel great looking at it. There was an instant connection.

SB of Aberystwyth, Wales 18 August 2011

Hi Edward, I cannot thank you enough for the comprehensive career reading. You have been very helpful indeed. I will keep you informed about further developments.

TO of Ulster, Derry 9 September 2011

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Hi Edward,

Thank you for a great reading, it's really helped & I shall be studying the reading more in depth & thinking about all the information, over the next few days.

GE of Devon, England  31 December 2011.

I think it's worth continuing with the contact specific spirits reading as it sounds quite a bit like her. She was a pretty private person to most and she did have red hair.  She was raised in Texas (brought up in the Southern way) and owned a pair of cowboy boots which you described as riding boots.................

C F of Virginia, USA  21 October 2011.

Firstly thank you for your reply, it is much appreciated. As i said before the majority of the reading was very accurate. I will spend time to try and read more into deeper meanings of the insights you have given me. You are also correct in saying that from time to time I am being judged, and rightly so. Again you’re right when you say that it is down to me whether I and the business are successful. It all boils down to the effort I'm willing or not willing to put in. So from your reading I will be consciously making a decision to 'grab the bull by the horns' and make this work, so I thank you.

BD of Bordeaux, France  13 November 2011.

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