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Check Your Spiritual Pathway : Articles - Clairvoyant Meditation Techniques

Clairvoyant Meditation Techniques by Edward McNaught-Davis.

Different meditation techniques are used by novices training to become Spiritual Mediums and Clairvoyants. Learning to meditate has many benefits ranging from calming the mind, which in turn helps to de-stress, to training the mind to accept visions from seemingly external influences.

Two meditation techniques that are particularly useful are the sole practice type and the group-led variation. The former can be practiced virtually anywhere and although peaceful locations are best to start, it is advisable to eventually train purposely in noisy locations in order to learn how not to be distracted by external influences.

Group arranged meditations are probably the easiest-to-learn meditation techniques. One person is nominated as a Meditation Group Leader and he or she relates a calming story which others, while sitting in a group, will listen and transfer the spoken words into their own mind visuals. If it is not possible for you to join a group, there are audio recordings available to take you through a similar process. Some New Age shops sell them.

Typically, the story line given off by either a Meditational Group Leader or an audio recording will involve soothing New Age music in the background which helps to relax participants.

The story itself might suggest that each individual should think about a beautiful-to-them location and that they should explore this location within their mind. If the location physically exists then the individual can use their memory to recall nice aspects but if the location is invented more mental work is initially required as one “dreams up” more visual content to extend the story.

In addition to seeing visions in one’s mind, the group leader may suggest feeling twigs snapping beneath your bare feet, for example, and for you to hear the resultant noise in your head. Similarly, you may be prompted to sensing any natural smells within your mental vision.

All this tuition does take much time to learn but if you persevere then eventually dividends will be paid as at least one sense should come to the fore and if you’re very lucky all ESP’s (Extra Sensory Perceptions) will be as strong as each other. It can take many years to perfect though.

The basic idea for this type of meditation training is to teach your brain to reconfigure its natural psychic abilities so that at least one ESP works well. To label yourself as a clairvoyant suggests that you are able to see past, present and future visions either for yourself or for that of another. The essence of these visions needs to have a strong degree of validity for past events and indeed future ones and so the more ESPs you have functioning well, will help to validate what you see.

All types of Mediums whether Spiritual or otherwise would find their profession difficult if they were unable to see clairvoyantly but there are exceptions to this rule. There are mediums who don’t see clearly; instead they “sense” things without really seeing them in pin sharp focus or in a composition that readily makes sense. These psychic mediums tend to be known as “Clairsentient Mediums”. Similarly some will hear voices and these people might label themselves as Clairaudient. The medium’s main ability is to channel information from the spirit world as proof of survival after “death” and so clairvoyance must be seen as an asset albeit not strictly necessary.

Interesting psychic mediums are those with many ESP or psychic abilities such as clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, clairalience and claircognisance.

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