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Check Your Spiritual Pathway : Testimonials : Testimonials 2010.

Psychic Readings Online email reading Testimonials for 2010 received.

Psychic Readings Online are interactive email readings which have been done by Edward McNaught-Davis for his clients during 2010. Only a few of Edward’s clients have provided psychic testimonials as shown in the client feedback below and in respect of receiving advice through psychic readings online.

Any feedback is important to Edward as it helps him to improve his psychic medium services and inspired product lines.

So if you commission Edward to do an email psychic reading for you then please consider providing Edward with your feedback or testimonial.

More client testimonials are available from the main Testimonial menu or from the drop down menus on the “Testimonials” navigational button above.

Thanks for your prompt reply, Edward. I have had time to digest the reading, and it does make sense to me.

C T of Norfolk, England.  5 May 2010.

Thank you for the reading, which i found very insightful and very helpful,

A M of Dorset, England.  6 Apr 2010.

Many thanks for the helpful reading. I will keep you informed about the mortgage application.

T O of Londonderry, Northern Ireland.  16 March 2010.

Edward thank you so very much that does help enormously. I shall inwardly digest and trust. But again thank you so much for all you have done- for all you time and hard input to everything.

HS of  Brazil, South America  31 January 2010.

Thank you Edward - I enjoyed the reading :@)

ZS of Cambridgeshire, England.   6 February 2010.

Edward, A very sound reading. Thank you.

D.W. of Ceredigion, Wales. 3 June 2010.

Thank you Edward. I will certainly be in touch again.  Your help and guidance has been such a support.

Kind regards


SJ of Powys, Wales.  4 August 2010.

Thanks Edward I got it. Not necessarily what I wanted to hear but then I wouldn't have asked you if I hadn't any doubts. Thanks for the reading and for your time,

CTR of Norwich, England.  31 July 2010.

Hi Edward

Thanks for the follow-up reading. I really appreciate it and it has helped too. THANK YOU.

AB of Wiltshire, England.  12 July 2010.

Hi Edward

Thank you very much for the reading, which arrived safely. I've read it through once just to get a feel for what you're saying and it contains some interesting stuff. As you suggest though, I'll read it through several times and really think about what it's telling me.

Thank you so much for your help.

JJ of Carmarthenshire, Wales.  24 August 2010.


Thanks for doing the reading. Always look forward to it!!  

CF of Virginia, USA.  25 September 2010.

Spiritual psychic medium,clairvoyant,USA Flag image

Hello Edward,

Thanks for all your help today, I appreciate it.

AM of Dorset, England. 26 October 2010.

psychic testimonials, clairvoyant feedback, aberystwyth,

Hi Edward

Thanks for getting back to me so quick with my reading. I have read it quite a few times and it leaves me feeling very emotional every time I read it, though I'm not sure why. Maybe because I think I probably knew everything you said but seeing it in black and white makes it hit home more.

DS of Aberystwyth, Wales  11 Nov 2010

psychic testimonials, Welsh flag clairvoyant testimonials, psychic feedback, ceredigion,

Hi Edward,

Firstly, please don't feel offended by this, but I kept the information I gave you fairly vague, as I am quite sceptical of the work people like you do with your skill/gift.  I have never been "into" this sort of thing before, and thought I'd try it, in my current situation, to see what happens. I found it most  interesting that you picked up on the "external influence" that has turned against me...........

GR of Ceredigion, Wales  20 Nov 2010

testimonials psychic, welsh flag

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