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Check Your Spiritual Pathway : Testimonials : Testimonials 2008.

Hi Edward, thank you so much for the reading........you actually described my house at the moment and where i live. The two males you described were spot on too.

AB of Surrey  25 March 2008.

Spiritual medium clairvoyant email reading Testimonials for 2008.

Spiritual medium clairvoyant email readings which have been done by Edward McNaught-Davis for his clients this year amount to many hundreds. Only a few of Edward’s clients have provided psychic feedback as shown in the spiritual medium clairvoyant email reading testimonials below.

Feedback on Edward’s Spiritual medium clairvoyant email readings are important as it helps to improve his spiritual services.

So if you commission Edward to do a spiritual medium clairvoyant email reading for you then please consider providing Edward with your feedback on his reading for you.

More client testimonials are available from the main Testimonial menu or from the navigational button above.

Hi Edward,

When I first read your reading I was in a bit of a rush and I didn’t read it word for word and I thought everything you mentioned has already happened in my past. On reading it again later and this time much more thoroughly, I realised that all the things I’ve done in the past, I need to go back and do again so as to greatly improve upon them and that certainly makes sense to me and it is something that I will do to improve myself and my business so thanks very much for telling me what I should be doing.

GS of Carmarthen 18 January 2008.


Safe receipt confirmed. Thank you for the reading, I enjoyed reading it.With regard to the general reading a lot made sense, particularly regarding money and the level of my career. Thanks again.

RC of Cardiff  06 February 2008.

Thank you very much for your reading today, Edward. It was brilliant and you were very accurate about a lot of things, especially in describing in detail my partner and the way he deals with his work. You were spot on in everything you said. I would definitely be interested in booking another reading with you in the future and am interested in looking at past life history also.

Thank you very much for your help, I really appreciate your time and your reading was excellent.Take care.

AB of Isle of Man 08 January 2008.

Hi Edward

Thank you ever so much for the reading! It was much longer and detailed than I expected and was ever so pleased. Thank you so much for the comfort and reassurance you have given me. I really appreciate the time you have taken to do my reading.

JB of Surrey  1 April 2008

Hi Ed,

Thanks very much for the reading yesterday. It's strange what you said about being aware of a slightly different career path as I've just had a chat/meeting with one of the company directors' this morning and have got a feeling that I'm in for a trying time of it with my current job. So you were spot on!

RH of Bangor  18 April 2008.

Hi Edward,

I’m glad I waited a few days to reply, as a lot has happened! First I would like to thank you for doing such a wonderful job with my reading, especially all the time you devoted to adding the extra details. All this went way beyond what I expected.

Dr. SS of  Suffolk 17 May 2008.

Edward, Your careers advice was very sensible and straightforward and I am following it. Your answers to my questions helps very much.  It has made things very much clearer for me.

SC of Staffordshire  3 July 2008.

Thanks ever so much for taking the time for my reading.  It all seems to make sense and what I am thinking deep down. Thanks again and I will be in touch soon

MD of  Aberystwyth  1 August 2008.

Hi Edward,

Thank you for my reading. I was really fascinated by the flowers and things you described. Kevin my partner sits at our dining room table with his back to the door that opens to the kitchen - I was amazed that you actually saw this from so far away.

RA of Hampshire  13 October 2008.

Dear Edward,

I have read the reading, and it has definitely given me some good ideas that I can act on....You were also spot on when it came to how the songs came through...it was so magical and pure that it totally healed and transformed me...and I guess my desire now is to share, heal and  inspire humanity....with the gifts that spirit gave me....It was really positive and Im glad that I choose to have the reading done....Thanks so much,

AC of Malta  26 September 2008.

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