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Psychic,British Flag image Psychic medium light grey coloured background to UK testimonial 031004

I have found Edward's psychic readings to be very helpful and accurate in terms of understanding where I was in my life, the direction I needed to take, and the mental attitude I would need to focus on, in order to take my chosen path and move ahead with success in my sights. His readings have given me inspiration and motivation at a time when I felt quite lost, and his accuracy is remarkable especially given that we've never met.

Your last reading was great, very inspiring and gave me motivation. And also put a smile on my face.

Simon C. of  Gloucester, England. 3 October 2004.

Intuitive,British Flag image Clairaudient white coloured background to UK testimonial 300904

I have found the readings of Ed to be very thought provoking , of value and providing good intuitive insight into current and future events.

Colin M. of  Swindon, England. 30 September 2004.

Divinatory,Welsh Flag image Spiritual clairvoyance cream coloured background to Welsh testimonial 130904

Hi Ed

I was very impressed with the accuracy of your reading and the information was spot on.

Tracey of Swansea. Wales. 13 September 2004.

Spiritual medium,clairvoyant,sensitive,Canadian Flag image Clairvoyant psychic white coloured background to Canadian testimonial 150804

Edward helped me to realize the potential of my own psychic ability through his readings for me. Edward is a talented, sensitive Spiritual Medium and Clairvoyant with amazing insight.

Highly recommended.

D. Ferguson of Toronto, Canada. 15 August 2004.

Clairaudient,Psychic,British Flag image Clairvoyant readings light green coloured background to UK testimonial 220404

I've had a number of clairvoyant readings from Edward and have found them very helpful to understand my situation and myself.

He very quickly knew my personality type and advised me to expand my boundaries. He steered me in the right direction when it came to my more personal issues. On the more practical areas of purchasing a car, Edward advised me to be wary of the car I was interested in buying. Unfortunately, I ignored his advice and purchased the car after two professional inspections. Seven days later the gearbox failed making the car useless to drive. It was “off the road” for two months as parts had to be sent away for.

What more can I say? Edward can and will help you to understand your situation. He says what he sees and does not invent things for the sake of it. I recommend you at least try him out for yourself. I think you will be surprised by his talent and ability.


KD of Hungerford, England. 22 April 2004.

Check Your Spiritual Pathway : Testimonials : Testimonials 2004.

Clairalience Testimonials for 2004

Clairalience means clear smelling!  Some spirits will release smell signatures for better identification. These smells might include pipe or cigarette tobacco or perfume or some other relatively pleasant (hopefully) aroma.

Clairalience phenomena is experienced on occasions by Edward. Spirits need to muster quite a lot of their energy to release their favourite aroma or identification signature.

Clairalience can also be associated with places and events too and not just spirits. It’s all a form of energy. If aromas are detected during a psychic reading with Edward then he will describe them as the particular aroma may mean something to you.

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