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Check Your Spiritual Pathway : Spiritual Healing : Remote Spiritual Healing : distant healing

What is Distant Healing?

Distant Healing is another term for remote healing. It should not be confused with absent healing as this has an entirely different meaning. With distant or remote healing,energies are applied from any distance to any person or to a collective requiring it. The more usual energies applied  include the Divine and those channelled through Reiki. Any living thing can benefit such as animals, pets, plants, ground, building, water, etc.,

There is a subtle difference between all variants of spiritual healing and Reiki. Only remote spiritual healing is practised from this site although Edward (site practitioner and owner) is Reiki attuned also.

How it seems to work

Healing energies are passed to you from the energy source via a remote healer; this being Edward on this site. The spiritual healing energies find you from the link established between you and Edward. This link is best thought as an invisible conduit or channel that starts in the spirit world and is passed through Edward, acting as your go-between and controller, to you.

The spirit calculates how much energy you need per session and how it is dispersed throughout your person. The spiritual energy may be passed in one continuous stream or it may be sent in pulses of variable length and intensity to fit the booked session.

Spiritual healing comes in many forms and so distant healing is just one of them. People say Edward’s clairvoyant readings often prompt healing in their own right

It seems though that spiritual healing is not for everyone or it doesn’t meet some people’s short term expectations of immediate results.

However, some people may not be susceptible to healing energies at all and so it doesn’t seem to work for everyone and there is no promise or guarantee that it will work but unless you try it out for yourself at least once or twice then you’ll never know whether it is for you or not.

Booking a Remote Healing Session

Providing you are sure that you require healing for Well Being and not to remove negativity, of which the procedures are different, the booking process is simple.

Booking for yourself

All you need do is email your request and confirm that you are over 18 years of age and you agree to the Terms and you state the remote healing appointment you would like - either a Short (20 minutes) or a Long (60 minutes) session.

You will then receive a reply from Edward suggesting when your request can be done. Once the appointment date and time has been mutually agreed, you will then receive a PayPal Payment request. All healing sessions must be paid for in advance.

Your Requirements

Only a short description is required for why you need remote spiritual healing. This adds focus to the healing session. It helps to know a brief description only regarding your need for spiritual healing energies. This is so that your request is the main focus.

Booking for someone else

You may book and pay on behalf of someone else over the age of 18 years but the person requiring the healing will still need to send a short email confirming their age and that he/she agrees to the terms and he/she states briefly why there is a requirement for remote spiritual healing.

Booking for animals and pets

Providing you are the legal owner of the animal or pet, all that is required is their name, gender and species. And that you agree to the terms. In respect to animals/pets, it helps to receive a photograph, to be used as a focal point, although this is not strictly necessary.

What to Expect


There is no need for you to do anything specifically to receive divine energies and so you can carry on with your day-to-day activities as you would do normally.

Some people prefer to relax during the appointment but this is a personal choice.


During the channelling of spiritual healing energies you may feel them coming in or you may feel nothing at all and which is normal. Some people seem to be sensitive to remote healing energies and may feel a tingling or energised sensation.

Some sense a hot or cold feeling too depending on their condition. These sensations are more evident though when receiving the spiritual energies in person than at a distance.

Others may feel nothing at all as the energies are directed towards them.


It is best to wait 24 to 48 hours or at least until the following morning to consider any positive results. The real test is to consider how you feel in yourself and if you feel great or better than you were prior to the session. Only you will know.

Remember to be sensible though and especially if you feel so much better than before.

You may even determine that the short session has worked for you and is sufficient and so a longer session is not required.

Distant Healing