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Laying Disturbed Spirits to Rest

Laying disturbed spirits to rest, a professional practice from Check Your Spiritual Pathway, is to help disincarnate spirits to find their rightful place within the spirit realms and with the dignity that each spirit deserves. This then helps to prevent the spirit from disturbing the living typically through a haunting.

The practice of relocating spirits is far from simple though and as a result much time is usually required to analyse the nature of the spirit disturbances before finding a suitable and mutual solution.

It may be found, during the initial analysis, that a negative energy clearance needs to be realised.The procedures for doing this are much more complex than just for re-homing a lost spirit.

There may be occurrences too when apparitions are not from disincarnate spirits at all. Instead they may be induced or involuntary astral projections such as Out of Body Experiences and often referred as OOBE’s. Or they might be Dopplegangers from living people and animals; all these are fairly rare, though. And then there are other entities who seemingly come from other dimensions and with no previous ties to ours.

Integrated between all the scenarios mentioned above will be vibrations and subtle energies that need to be fully sensed and analysed to make up the complete puzzle in which to solve.

So already the subject is getting interesting and quite complex in the laying out of its scope.

Having understood the meaning of a disturbed spirit and why they behave with mischievous or malicious intent and what they can do and why, then Laying Disturbed Spirits to Rest involves the permanent quelling of a mischievous haunting and which is caused by one or more spirit(s) to either a living individual, a specific place or a wider location.

Common haunting variations may include private houses, public buildings, offices and factories, castles, museums and transportation vehicles. Similarly, common wider locations might include hospitals, battlefields and places of execution.

Specific procedures are used; by either reasoning with the troubled spirit and/or sending that spirit into the “light”. This will take him/her/it to his/her/its appropriate plane within the spirit realms.

However ,it is not a simple practice as each case needs to be analysed on its own merits before any worthwhile spiritual solution can be found and proposed.

Much knowledge and experience, in laying disturbed spirits to rest, is required and needs to be done with the dignity that the spirit deserves.

The procedures for doing so are not simply just telling a spirit to go or to leave or indeed forcing them to do so. It is best to find out why the spirit is disturbed first prior to offering him/her/it a better solution and perhaps reasoning with the spirit before applying any further action.

If disturbed spirits are treated with sensitivity and are made aware of the complaint then they are more likely to concede and move onto the right plane for them rather than hugging close to the Earth plane.

The necessary spiritual protection and spiritual power is required to help move the spirit back to where he/she/it belongs within whatever dimension (for there are many) that he/she/it may be in and irrespective of whether the spirit is willingly co-operative or not.

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Laying Disturbed Spirits to Rest