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What is a Business/Career/Work reading?

In comparison to a General Life reading, a Business or Career or Work reading focuses on particular concerns or issues that you may have regarding the paid work that you do. Typically, it will confirm whether you are in the right vocation for you or whether you should consider changing direction to maximise your potential. It may even highlight how your colleagues view you and your productivity.

To get the very best from the reading it is essential that you tell Edward the nature of the job that you do. Any other information you wish to divulge is purely voluntary but if you have any particular concerns, issues or problems it is best to summarise them before the reading so that Edward can look into them on your behalf.

What is a Personal Relationship(s) reading?

A Personal Relationship reading concentrates on any relationship you have with another person or persons whether platonic or intimate. It can be used to consider a future relationship with a known person or a group of people (such as in a club) and whether you will be compatible. Generally, this type of reading is used to explore problems, issues and concerns within a current intimate relationship and it may offer support to overcome any known or unknown future difficulties. To obtain the best answers to any relationship queries it is wise to tell Edward the exact nature of your concerns, issues and any known or perceived problems.

What is a Soul (Past Life) reading?

A Soul reading looks into your past soul life history and describes some events and emotions from one or more past soul lives that the spirit world have deemed important for you to know in your current physical life.

The messages received usually give what is needed in preference to what is wanted. The reading process is a form of past life regression. To some it is more preferable than seeing a regression hypnotherapist in person because there is no chance of your own ego misinterpreting what you might "see" about the "Past You" when under an induced state of hypnosis.

Not all past soul lives have been experienced solely on the Earth plane and not all past soul lives have existed in the human form. Your reading may highlight where you existed in the universe and in what dimension as well as the kind of expression or form you have previously experienced. Your soul's attributes, irrespective of whether they are positive or negative, may be influencing your current life and may need redressing to harmonise a required balance within you.

The Soul (Past Life) Summary reading will condense the visionary and channeled information received from the Spirit World on your behalf. Also interpretations will be given on what the information means with regards to you and how it may be affecting you in your current life.

The Soul (Past Life) Detailed reading is similar to the Soul (Past Life) Summary reading but provides much more depth and explanations to help you to fully understand how emotions from the past may be influencing you in the present or indeed how they might influence you in the future.

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